Did you ever wanted to understand God?

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What if we tell you that is a lot simpler than we think? Would you give it a try? There is a book that tells you just that.

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

In the book there is a chapter towards the end which summarize exactly this: What can the boys, the teenagers of today and the fathers to be of tomorrow can get from a book like this coming from a guy that is not a priest or a theologist but promises them that by the end of the book they will understand God and they will become the best version of themselves. The most important thing that I want them to get from this book is hope.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

Soon enough there’s going to be a second part of this book that is called “Our father: The Pain of Understanding God” and that one will go deeper into the subject and it will bring to the surface more aspects of how God feels and acts and how easy it is for us to understand Him.

But until that book is published this one is set to start a crusade to reclaim our children, our sons, our youth and our future fathers, our family leaders and our future nations leaders, it’s a crusade to bring the fatherhood back to its pedestal where men, not males, are becoming good fathers mirroring God, where men are guiding and supporting their families and children, where men are leading and sharing their wisdom, where men have the courage to stand tall and accept their destiny, take their privilege and their duty and make a monument from it so at the end of their lives they leave a monumental work of art behind: their children.

Who is Florin Marksteiner?

Let’s clarify that from the get go by telling you what he’s not: an evangelist, a Bible thumper, an all knowledgeable in theology. He is a filmmaker that loves writing, a creative spirit and an entrepreneur. Loves to be a man of arts, a husband and a father. He’s a simple man with big ideas, an entrepreneur that understood that our future are our children, all the children.

Originally from Romania and growing up under tough conditions in communism, Florin can say that he lived on both sides of the wall. After the Revolution in 1989 he, and the entire Romanian people, had to adapt to capitalism and find a career. Because of his personality, Florin was attracted by the entertainment industry and in particular by acting and film making.

Today, after almost 30 years in the industry, Florin is continuing his career on the other side of the planet, on the North American continent, precisely in Canada and extended his writing skills from film scripts and commercial copy-writing to becoming a published author. As a long life calling, he launched his life coaching business to help people define a destination and find a direction in their professional and personal life which is called suggestively Azimuth Coaching.

Florin often says “I’m not perfect, but I thank God for including me in His world”.

What is your book all about?

My book is about the general relationship in between parents and their children and how it relates with God’s relationship with us as His children. I compiled a series of chapters of little stories that happen between me and my daughters when they were toddlers and how every little thing that happened the way I felt the emotions I felt and the different aspects of the situation made me realize that I am understanding more and more how God feels. So, the book is about how a father can become the best version of himself towards his children or any other children by just mirroring God.

What inspired you to write the book?

Well, the inspiration for this book came one evening when I was in church at a man’s meeting and at one point it just came to me to say “I can’t wait to become a father so I can understand God” and of course everybody laughed at me because they didn’t understand what I was saying, the reason why I was saying it and the context and the concept I was talking about. At that time, I wasn’t expecting to become a father but shortly after this download came to me, it happened to have our first daughter born and even I started to understand what I said in that meeting and the fact that it was so real and so simple. That’s the reason why I tell everyone that you wouldn’t believe how easy and how simple it is to understand God. And that is because us, as humans, tend to complicate things and tend to not believe the simplest things of this world.

What is your target audience for the book?

“Our Father: Understanding God” was written with one goal: to inspire and motivate youth to think of becoming good fathers and family leaders at the right time by showing them how simple it is to understand our father, God. We tend to say all the time that we want the best for our girls and we forget about the boys that eventually will take care of our girls. We keep forgetting or we’re just Ignoring the fact that these days the teenage boys are being marginalized and pushed to the brink of Suicide because of all the social constructs that are portraying them in the worst light. Book is addressing directly these boys making them understand that they will become the men who will become fathers and, with their free will, they will be able to become good fathers and the best fathers they can be.


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