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David Murdoch, the author of the book The Bible Was Not Written in English, is on a personal mission to educate readers about the Bible and how to use it properly.

The Bible is a sacred book. But it’s also a book with a rich and complex history. The texts found in what we know as the King James Version of the Bible have undergone many editions, omissions, and perhaps even misinterpretations. Many of the text has been handed from generation to generation orally. The early written scripture of the Bible, the book of Job, was written more than 1500 years before Christy. In 300 B.C., the complete Old Testament was written, collected, and then declared as canonical books. This is one of the turning points of the Bible’s history along with the Council of Nicaea held in 325 AD. From that period until the King James version of 1611, the holy book was subjected to many changes, interpretations, and translations as well. That is why for author and Bible expert David Murdoch, it is essential to study the origins of the Bible and its original texts. His book The Bible Was Not Written in English is not only meant for bible scholars and the undecided to the senior pastor, but it is also for everyone to have an easy guide in understanding the word of God.

The Bible Was Not Written in English: A Bible Guide for Everyone

The Bible is supposed to be our guide in everyday living. It contains scriptures to enlighten us on how we should think, act, and feel. It should teach us how we should treat others and situations that are presented before us. It should help us create a more meaningful relationship with God. However, many of those who use the Bible to not really understand the texts they are reading and when they spread the gospel using their own interpretation and words, there is a huge chance that these are not really what the words on the Bible signify. And that is where the danger lies according to David Murdoch. 

“The majority of churches today regardless of the denomination, do not teach the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse. They read a scripture or two and then speak their own words which may be heart rendering, but they are not the truth from God’s Word. The sad result is people don’t really understand the Bible.”

 He also adds that, 

 “When the proper intended meaning is set forth, the entire Bible begins to make more sense,” said the author. “Areas of conflict that seemed unanswerable in English are now crystal clear with a new corrective light of truth for these end times.”

The Bible Was Not Written in English provides readers with answers to many questions. These definitive answers will hopefully enable them to live the word of God responsibly. Murdoch also encourages everyone to become active scholars of the Bible, to study the bible correctly so they can do away with the misconceptions and mistranslations. The Bible Was Not Written in English answers questions and issues such as free will, the separation of church and state, and even tax laws. It is also one of the few books that discussed food laws. Indeed, David Murdoch’s The Bible Was Not Written in English enlightens us on many issues that have discouraged many readers to study the Bible. It is simple and concise and will inspire many to take a look at the Bible with a fresh perspective.

If you want to learn about The Bible Was Not Written in English and other works by David Murdoch, grab a copy of the book, or visit his website today!


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