Dasher and Dancer, Meet Cupid!

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A clean and sweet Christmas romance by Carollyne Lairie, a Canadian writer.
Dean Dasher wants a second chance at love with his secret high school crush and dance studio owner, Lauren Venturi.

Hoping to win her heart, he enters a television dating competition, but Lauren has already fallen hard for the show’s host. That discovery has put Dean in a fast, downward spiral from crushing – to being crushed. Ouch.

Another admirer is working every angle to win her own date with Dean in Cupid’s competition – or, truthfully, any way she can – including getting a job at his landscape company. She takes risky gambles to sabotage Dean’s interest in Lauren and get closer to this great catch of a guy. Her crafty but oh-so-subtle deceits, impediments and a booby trap played out in a mid-winter forest are downright dangerous. She’s out to win his heart, and knows how vulnerable he is.

Not easily deterred, Dean’s persistent. His potential soulmate is worth overcoming every hazard and obstacle. Still, Dean is naïve and overly-trusting of his new employee – resulting in chaos that prevents his fullest participation in the TV dating game.

Dasher and Dancer, Meet Cupid! is the first in a planned series of comedic, challenging game show romances where anyone can wind up your partner on a romantic getaway. The risks can outweigh the reward, but adventurous hearts often play with fire, don’t they?

Will Lauren choose Dean, or one of the other contestants, who must all answer her questions while hidden behind a screen?

As it starts to go all wrong for the love-sick landscaper, Dean finds himself regretting his covert plan to score a date.

Author Carollyne Lairie weaves a dreamy story of second chances, using the platform of a TV dating show. It’s meant for romance lovers of all ages to motivate them to be confident and find joy while seeking their own deepest desires. The inspiration of the Christmas season that opens hearts to tender feelings and memorable moments rounds out the magical settings.

Carollyne Lairie is the author of five clean and sweet romances, including the Jet Lag Love series. She wrote and produced a children’s music CD and activity book called Wee Whispers which uses the four seasons to teach youth the ideals exemplified in nature. Ms. Lairie is a fruit and vegetable gardener who created a vibrant Facebook group of local gardeners. Many members call the group “their happy place”.

More clean romances, including romantic suspense, are on her planning board. Each intriguing location adds complications and complexity to their plots. Exquisite settings enhance the twists and beats in a novel, while providing variety to the reader. Memories, details, and experiences from her broad travels accomplish this end, enriching the lives of readers and arm-chair travellers.

Other projects in first draft stages include middle-grade portal fantasies and mysteries that have already garnered curiosity in young audiences.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the author has been immersed in a registered Canadian charity she founded in the 1990s. Writing was placed on the back burner to voluntarily serve hundreds of war-displaced families in dire need in Ukraine.

S.O.S. Ukraine helps single moms, soldiers, struggling families, the elderly and those with high medical needs. They often call her their “guardian angel”, but only through thoughtful donors have her hands been able to stretch across the globe to support them.

Dasher and Dancer, Meet Cupid! is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Google Play. Here’s the link to the Amazon store so you can jump in and join the adventure!

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Dasher-Dancer-Meet-Cupid-Christmas-ebook/dp/B0986TN811/

For a free review copy, and to follow Carollyne Lairie, message her on Facebook or join her reader’s group: Starry-Eyed Romance Fans.

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    Thank you, Saira! You’re doing a wonderful job.


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