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I never dreamed of being the next great romance author. Sure I loved reading the genre. My favourite stories to read were, and still are, happy ever afters.

I know how the story is going to end, but it’s the journey on how you get there that always has me hooked.

So how did I get started, you ask? Well, it involved a Harley, a laptop and a leap of faith.

I was always told growing up I had a wonderful imagination and was a good story teller but that was where it ended. As I mentioned, I never thought of being an author as a career. But after a ride on the back of my honey’s Harley one summer afternoon, that all changed. I started writing my first novel, “When One Door Closes.”

I kept it a secret

I would only write when my honey went off to work. He was a copper and it helped me get through the lonely nights. But then he found out and I learned very quickly, I had the support of my family and friends. Nobody criticized me. Instead the general consensus was, “It’s about time.” The support I received, provided me the confidence to continue on my literary journey.

When asked, I describe my contemporary romance novels as reality/fiction.

To me that means, the fantasy that I create for my reader could possibly come true. Billionaire execs, espionage, race car driving/brain surgeons are all sexy. But nothing is hotter than knowing a fantasy might actually come true. So your sexy neighbour with the regular job, who happens to have six pack abs and the sex drive of a twenty year old might fall in love with you and then you may start your own happy ever after.

My biggest challenge so far was writing a series.

Write what you know. Being a biker chick, that meant motorcycles, beer and tattoos. I opened up my laptop and started creating my Inked Romance Series.

Book One ~ Leather, Love and Tattoos

The day Cole Fletcher rode into Abby’s life, she knew he was the man for her. Having a rich daddy allowed her to live well, but money couldn’t provide everything she wanted…and she wanted Cole.

Cole was the kind of man who was good with his hands yet failed at relationships.

He liked to keep his romances simple. In his case simple meant one night only. But his world turned upside down when he moved next door to Abby. He tried to keep her in the friend zone. But every time he saw her, it became a challenge.

Abby will do anything to breakdown Cole’s defences, win his heart and become his old lady…but will it be enough?

Book Two ~ Fire & Ink

One decision can alter your future

No one knows that better than Tim and Olivia. They were the best of friends who were secretly in love with each other. After one drunken night best friends became lovers and their friendship changed. What should’ve been the start of a passionate romance turned into the worst night of their lives.

Six years later Tim and Olivia’s relationship is still shattered.

Tim is now a sexy fireman and can have any woman he wants. But he feels rejected by Olivia and can’t get over the one night they shared. Olivia has no idea what happened between her and Tim and can’t forget the only man she’s ever loved. Best friends became lovers but can Olivia and Tim work through their problems so they can be both best friends and lovers?


I am currently working on the third instalment of the series. I can’t wait to bring you Scott’s story. He is a sexy paramedic who loves women. One in particular has his fancy but she’s off limits…the bro-code. Can he stay away from her? STAY TUNED.

As an author, you tell other people’s stories. So I want to thank Author’s Lounge for allowing me the opportunity to finally tell my story.

Click on the Amazon link and check out my Inked Romance Series as well as my other works on Amazon.

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