Cowboys 4 Me by Krissie Phillips

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First of all I would like to thank Authors’ Lounge for allowing me the opportunity to share my book and story. This is so amazing.

Hi, I am Krissie Phillips, mother of three special needs children, author and ARC member to some amazing indie-authors. My life is simple raising my kids and just writing my stories. With my stories I like to write unique and different. Your thinking yeah right that’s impossible. However I pretty much research what’s popular and then my brain thinks of different scenarios, plot twists and characters and I write accordingly. I never plot I just start writing, whatever decides to say hi I go with it just like I did with my next release. However I am not here to talk about that book. I’ve been invited to talk about my last release called Cowboys 4 me.

Cowboys 4 Me was written and then released in December 2020 during the Australian Covid-19 pandemic. When I first thought of the book, its targeted audience was 18 years old and older. The book ended up still being for that age range however it took a dark turn.

The main idea I had for the story was meant to be a contemporary reverse harem comedy with plenty of laughs, rolling around in the hay and farm life you know just the simple life. However Covid-19 struck and my mental health went south. Instead of writing a rom-com I ended up with a contemporary, reverse harem, dark fantasy. The story took eight long months to write and destroyed me when finished.

The main female was sold by her parents to an abusive man who wanted nothing but an heir. Years of abuse she finally escapes. After six months on the run she has had enough and gives herself two options suicide or marriage to a stranger. However in the end it wasn’t one stranger but four. Deciding to live for now she goes to the males and in turn sets off a huge chain of events. Abuse, love, loss, grief, hope, she has to deal and overcome it all to survive. Not to mention fight her fatal attraction to all four men.

This book is really full on and can trigger readers due to abuse (mentally, emotionally, physically), child loss and suicide attempt. I say this is a huge trigger story because I myself have gone through a lot of what the main character has. So in saying that I’m hoping for a few things with this book.

  • One I manage to find people to read it. This I can tick as I’ve had thousands of page reads on Amazon over the past few months.
  • Two find people like my main characters who will help me with my own demons.
  • And three just bring to light topics of things both men and women deal with and sometimes hide from.

As for the book itself I don’t know I mean if I’m honest I’m glad I finished it so I could focus of happier stories and continue my author journey.

All my books including Cowboys 4 Me are available on Amazon both in paperback and e-book format. If anyone does want to know more about this book or others just look me up on social media. Just look for Krissie Phillips.

Thank you again, Authors’ Lounge. This was interesting indeed.

Krissie Phillips.


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