Cookin’ for Cures

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Cookin’ for Cures is my 7th book.

It is doctor endorsed, and it helps people find an easy natural way of strengthening their immune system that is also cost effective. As the main plant is aloe vera Barbadensis and it has over 💯 different vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes in it, and it is also safe for pets as well as people of all ages, including pregnant women.

Authors Lounge would find this immensely interesting, as it has helped thousands of people with so many different health issues eg: A pregnant woman had a severe case of shingles on her back and ribs after drinking the aloe vera with juice once a day for just three days, the shingles were gone.

I got badly burnt in a petrol fire which burnt my left arm and left side of my stomach.

I placed fresh aloe vera leaves on the 2nd and 3rd degree burns and it took away the pain and healed the burns far more quickly. I now have very minimal scaring and you can hardly tell l was ever burnt.

I learnt the plant needs to be fresh every time, as it looses it’s goodness within a few hours of cutting it from the plant, research was done on the plant in America in the 1930’s and the scientists found the vitamins and minerals depleted from the leaf within a few hours of cutting it from the plant, being a semi cactus it is easy to grow, and a less expensive way of doing it, and the book explains how to do that.

The first 14 pages helps people to understand the different types of aloe vera as there is over 500 varieties, and which is best suited for strengthening our
immune system because it has all the vitamins in it, and thankfully the right plant grows so quickly.

In 2005 l started to get osteo arthritis in my hands, so l drank the fresh aloe vera Barbadensis daily, and l have been arthritis free since then.

As long as l keep drinking the aloe vera to boost the vitamin and mineral intake to keep helping the regrowth of the cartilage in between the finger joints it works well. I met a mature lady at a talk l did at a library in rural New South Wales, and she told all the audience that 25 years earlier her doctor said she would be in a wheel chair within 2 years because her knee joints were so bad. She started drinking the aloe vera gel with juice and thankfully she is still doing well and in no need of a wheelchair.

My friend Kenny was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer he drank the aloe vera daily and he did not get nausea or hair loss from the chemo,
and it helped the body absorb the chemo better so when he went for the P.E.T scan it came back all clear, from just after one set of treatment. Which proved
that strengthening the immune system is definitely the key to regaining good health quickly.

It can also help with hair loss, l started loosing my hair all over my body when l went through menopause, and so l tried rubbing a fresh piece of aloe vera on
my scalp every day making sure to rinse the piece of aloe vera leaf thoroughly first, as the yellow sap can stain the hair and scalp. Within 2 months l had lots
of new growth and now my hair is the thickest and longest it has ever been.

This works well because sometimes the protein keratin doesn’t regrow in new cells on our outer skin layers.

The aloe vera has lots of protein, and helps thenew cells on the outer skin rebuild the keratin our body needs, so our hair can regrow in those thinning and bald spots that we wish for hair to regrow. This is not a cure, but it strengthens the immune system naturally in a very quick and easy way, because this plant has so many different vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes in it.

This is my 7th book and you are welcome to go to my website and check them all out, there are also some great
short video’s, that can help people to understand how to use this plant on people and pets. As it has helped many of my friends pets as well as my own dogs gain
much better health, by adding the aloe vera to their food if they are a good eater or their water, and if they are a picky eater like one of my dogs was then l had
to syringe it into her mouth and it worked well on them all too. Strengthening the immune system is most definitely the key to good health, and by adding aloe vera to our daily drinks and meals it really can help us all stay
healthier and more youthful far longer


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