Chookity Chook

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Chookity Chookity (a very splendid young rooster) and his best friend Lucy Goosey set off on a daring adventure into the world beyond the barnyard. What wonders they encounter! And what wild and joyful games they enjoy together! Tired out from their play, they sit down to catch their breath… and nearly end up being caught themselves! A pointy nose and a flouncing tail announce the presence of Foxy Loxy. He really loves chickens – and not in a friendly way! Will the friends outsmart the cunning Foxy Loxy and get back to the barnyard safely? Or will their amazing adventure end in a fearful flurry of feathers? Will they – gulp! – end up as Fox’s high tea?! Even though Chookity thinks he’s the brave one, it’s down to Lucy to show her smarts and save her friend.

Join Chookity Chookity and Lucy Goosey in a delightful rhyming romp for early readers. The bouncing rhythm, perfect cadence, endearing characters, and awesome adventure will entrance 3 – 7-year-olds.

Chookity Chook was a character I made up when my little boy, Alex (Zoomie) was around 3 years old. We had many chickens (chooks) on the farm and I turned Chookity, into a story. It was such fun and his age was so responsive, and his sisters loved the story too. Tragedy struck our family when my beloved son, Alexander (Zoomie), died in an accident when he was seventeen. A fabulous conversationalist and storyteller himself, it is Alex’s life and memory that inspired me to publish my stories. My first story, Chookity Chook, is his legacy and a tribute to him. This book has helped me remember the goodness in the depths of my grief. It allows me to revisit memories of him in early childhood and remember the privilege and the wonder it is to be his mum.

Many of my stories draw on the antics of my four children, and their cousins when they were growing up. We are a close-knit family. Laughter (and a good dose of silliness) is integral to our family’s way of being, as anyone reading my books will recognize! My target audience for Chookity Chook is 3 – 7 years and the parents and grandparents that read it.

My mission is to build lasting, magical memories through the power of storytelling. Moments that last forever in the magic of memories. I use humor, laughter, wit, fun, wonder, and surprise to capture a child’s imagination and experience. If you can find a book your children love reading then they will want to read it over and over again. The result is bonding and delight and all those extraordinary benefits of connection and increased literacy. My mission is to build lasting, magical memories through the power of storytelling. To enchant! To inspire! To create! It is also to add to the narrative of humor, preciousness, and goodness in your families.

In childhood, my mother read to me and my siblings every single night, fostering a love of language and literature, and certainly creating bonds over a love of stories and inspiration for imaginative play. My life adventures eventually brought me to Kununurra, in Outback Australia, which has been a tremendous place of healing after my tumultuous journey of deep grief.

I call Outback Australia home, after being raised on the land. Perhaps I am a cowgirl at heart. I have an amazing husband, 4 children, and 2 stepchildren who are all amazing beings, and 19 nieces and nephews! I am also an endorsed midwife practitioner, clinical nurse, remote university lecturer, and clinical facilitator, at the front line of health care delivery in the remote Western Australian outback.

I write to remember and foster the goodness we should experience in childhood. Writing is my side hustle, hopefully, my next career, after a passionate career in midwifery and nursing. I would love for my books and stories to become part of the literary collection at your house and create magical moments between you and your child. If I could add magic to your child’s story time, incite goodness, evoke laughter, contribute to creating bonds between parent and child, and instill a love for reading, that would warm my heart in a way that nothing else could. I would love to imprint a lasting memory of a fantastic story and loveable characters to make children smile, and then tell my stories to their own children. Chookity Chook is a most loveable icon in my children’s childhood. I hope he becomes the same in yours.


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