Charlie and Halley Break the Story

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I was thrilled when the invitation to write an article for the Authors Lounge landed in my inbox.

The task at hand was no ordinary one; it held an air of anticipation that made my writer’s heart race. You see, my journey as a children’s book author began unexpectedly. It all started when my daughter, a devoted bookworm, expressed her frustration with slow-starting stories. Determined to captivate her from the very first word, I embarked on a delightful experiment. And so, my debut children’s chapter book, “Charlie and Halley Break the Story,” was born. Now, before you judge this book by its unconventional opening, let me assure you that it is not a collection of crude humor.

The word that set the tone for the adventure was none other than ‘poo.

Yes, that’s right! It was a ploy to entice my daughter and countless other children like her. And it worked like a charm. Within the pages of this enchanting tale, readers accompany Halley, a spirited girl brimming with energy and ADHD, and her protective older brother Charlie on a thrilling escapade. Their hearts yearn for an extraordinary adventure, yet they find themselves at a loss for where to begin. Seeking guidance, they turn to the enigmatic writer, a character who emerges only when necessary, offering guidance and support. As their journey unfolds, they stumble upon forgotten characters from unfinished books, realizing that without a proper ending, these characters face an uncertain fate. Determined to complete their own story and save their newfound friends, Halley and her brother embark on a race against time. Ah, but let me introduce you to the most remarkable aspect of this book—the jellybean gun wielded by Halley. Yes, you read that correctly.

Each vibrant jellybean holds a unique power when fired

This whimsical weapon leads our protagonists into both extraordinary adventures and sticky predicaments, including the unexpected perils of getting lost in space. With each page I wrote, it became clear to me that this book had the potential to ignite a love for reading in young minds. I was determined to make it as accessible as possible, starting with a picture blurb to accompany the written on the cover —a visual summary for children to grasp the essence of the story at a glance.

Since its publication over a year ago, I’ve made it a mission to donate copies to primary schools and offer my time to engage in readings and answer the curious inquiries of young minds. The way they call it “The Poo Book,” giggle every time Halley says “poo,” and get so caught up in the journey that they lose all sense of time passing. One boy told me how he laughed himself silly with the part where Halley saved Charlie from the T-rex by shooting the dinosaur with a dance jellybean.

Much like the pages of “Charlie and Halley Break the Story,” my own life has transformed into a whirlwind adventure, brimming with laughter and joy.

Now, if your taste leans toward mind-bending fiction, I extend an invitation to explore “The Bug Report,” a first draft that I have diligently been working on and sharing weekly on Facebook. All my published works are available on various platforms, so make sure not to miss out. And if you can’t locate a particular title, it’s likely because you’ve overlooked the crucial ‘a’ in “Keandrick.” I implore you, dear reader, to embark on this delightful journey if you seek a good laugh or two. And don’t forget to share a copy with any child who despises the thought of reading. You can find the book on Amazon


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