Charades of a Billionaire

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Thank you for the invitation to the Authors’ Lounge to share my book,
 Charades of a Billionaire with your audience.

 I fell in love with literature in high school when I was introduced to
 the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. I knew then I wanted to write.

I would write stories but never complete them. I also loved
 science, however, I choose science over writing and ended up studying
 pharmacy instead of becoming a writer. Writing has always been my
 passion and it never left, nor was it forgotten. Although I am still a
 practicing Pharmacist, I finally made time to write my first book.
 When creating romantic love stories, just like my favorite author, I
 always want my characters to live happily, ever after. Although the
 characters in this book are fictitious, I want them to find true
 happiness despite the problems that they go through. I want my readers
 to hope, dare to love, live, laugh, cry, smile, be engaged, captivated,
 and relate to my characters as they travel along with them on the
 romantic journey of love in each book.
 The goal is to continue to create books that my fans love and desire to
 read and I am so excited about Charades of a Billionaire. Here are some
 of the reviews on Amazon so far:
 OMG!! This book was so good and it was a page-turner and the suspense
 was like what!!! I could not stop reading this book or even put it down
 for a second. I was just sucked right into this story of these two
 characters. Parker and Mark's chemistry started to build up and it was
 like fireworks. There was drama, lies, romance, and even love. Their
 attraction was so hot and steamy that she was the fake fiancé and he was
 the handsome billionaire as he tries to avoid his parents at an event.
 Parker is in need of a signature, but it comes with a stipulation, being
 a fake girlfriend for the week. Mark wants to avoid his parent's push to
 marry and won't sign anything until the arrangement is completed. This
 was a cute story where their relationship evolved into something real
 despite the obstacles they faced, including themselves. It was a
 wonderful read until the end.

 Reviewed in the United States  on May 1, 2023.

 I am volunteering to leave a review for an Advance Reader Copy of this
 book. Parker and Mark's story was fun and I completely enjoyed this
 romance. Sometimes a book is just so relatable you cannot help but just
 read until the book is done, this was one of those books. This humorous,
 entertaining, and with witty and flirty banter, undeniable chemistry,
 leads to a steamy and heartfelt addictive page-turner.

 Reviewed in the United States  on May 4, 2023

 This is a billionaire fake dating romance read. Great characters that
 you fall in love with. I really liked how the author built up the
 relationship between the two main characters. I was rooting for their
 happy ending throughout the whole book. A detailed and well-plotted
 storyline keeps your attention throughout the book.
 This book is listed on Amazon and is a free read for Kindle Unlimited
 members. It can be purchased as an eBook for $0.99, Paperback for
 $11.99, and Hardback for $17.99.  The link is provided below:
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