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There is no reason to fear health costs, but it requires that we use the ballot box responsibly.  The American people have to begin by understanding that the government is NOT capable of managing a government run health care system.  The second reality is that health insurances companies should NOT have anything to do with ANY part of health care.  At college I was taught that the relationship between his/her doctor and the patient in SACRID.  And my experience as a health care pharmacist has done nothing but reinforce that the relationship between the doctor and the patient is, and should be SACRID.


There is something else I learned as a pharmacist.  EVERYONE is in control of how thoroughly they do everything they can to maintain good health.  Everyone has to realize that abusing their bodies with illicit drugs, or gaining weight with poor eating habits, is nobody’s responsibility but THEIRS.  A doctor is available to treat your drug abuse and your overeating, but it’s YOUR responsibility to pay for the doctor’s services, NOT the government/taxpayer’s responsibility.


Perhaps you are one of those unfortunate individuals with an overabundance of difficult health issues.  Should the taxpayers pay for your problems, what did they do to earn your wrath?  Perhaps you should blame your parents for giving you their DNA, but you have to learn to live with it.  My oldest daughter was born with two health problems that manifested themselves later in life.  She deals with “sleep apnea” and food allergies and never complains.  I am very proud of her because she’s got a temperament anyone could love.  And yes, she has two children, and they have slight food allergies too.


So, what are we to do?  Actually, there is no need to fear health costs, especially if you practice living a healthy lifestyle.  The truth is living a healthy life style, eating and exercising properly will eliminate well over 50% of ALL illnesses and diseases anyone could come down with.  Therefore, the goal for everyone should be that after we take of ourselves, and our families, we need to take voting very seriously and vote for politicians who espouse the same values you have.  If you are locked into one political party to the detriment of another party, you may miss voting for the politician that best meets your values.  A quick example:  Are you aware of President John F. Kennedy?  He was a Democrat, and during his term in office he REDUCED TAXES which stimulated the economy.  This is notable because the current Democrat running for President advocates RAISING TAXES if he wins office.  Two diametrically opposite thinking Democrats.  If you are a ONE-PARTY voter you have got to be in a dilemma.  By the way, this circumstance has occurred in my lifetime.


Here is my solution for solving the health care crisis, because after almost sixty years of our floundering, government/insurance run system, face it, it’s not getting better.  Here is how we can fix health care.

Step One – Get government/insurance companies out of the health care system.  These entities have no desire to fix health care.  They are only in it to enrich themselves, and they ignore the truth that one’s health is due to his/her DNA and lifestyle.  Elections matter!


Step Two – Eliminate, or ban, lawyers from practicing their trade in the health care industry.  They contribute absolutely nothing to anyone’s physical health.


Step Three – Eliminate “co-pay” health insurance plans.  These plans are nothing more than plans to “pre-pay” for health care services that may or may not be needed.


Step Four – Purchase ONLY “catastrophic” health insurance coverage plans.  These plans are inexpensive and take fear out of the equation. 





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