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About the Book

West Indian American Cookbook is culinary book by seasoned chef Urmie D. Seenarine. Published in December 10, 2010, it is a collection of 107 healthy recipes ranging from alternative breakfast menus to easy-to-prepare desserts. The 164-page cookbook offers both simple and exotic dishes that food lovers can add to their existing menus. Each of the recipe also features a distinct twist from the passionate Guyanese cook.

Aside from the recipes in the book, readers will find West Indian American Cookbook a pleasant read. For one, chef Seenarine writes in an uncomplicated manner even for the exotic dishes, encouraging homemakers and aspiring chefs alike to try each of the features dish. Another unique, feature of the book is the inspiration that Urmie Seenarine shares to readers. Seenarine started cooking at age seven under the mentorship of her father. His influenced in Seenarine’s take on the basic dishes such as adding a variety of herbs and spices, makes every dish unique.

Chef Urmie Seenarine’s West Indian American Cookbook offer readers a different yet pleasant mix of American and West Indies which makes up for a truly revolutionary cooking and food experience. That alone is enough for her book to merit Author’s Lounge’s Book of the Week. We recommend Chef Urmie Seenarine’s culinary masterpiece to all food lovers out there.

Author Background

Chef Urmie Seenarine is a native of Guyana. Her love for cooking started at an early age under the watchful eye of Mr. B. Ramotar, Urmie’s father. Mr. Ramotar is their village’s unofficial chef for big and special occasions. It was from him that our author learned the art of using and mixing exotic ingredients as well as herbs and spices. Cooking every day for a big family allowed Seenarine to further explore her passion for cooking.  However, it was not until she move to the United States that she was able to master her culinary skills, creating a fusion of American and West Indian cuisine. Today, Mrs. Urmie Seenarine lives in Richmond Hill, New York together with her husband, two children and three grandchildren. Last year, Urmie Seenarine published her second book Savory Dishes of the Caribbean.


  1. Melissa

    I love collecting cookbooks from various regions. This is going to be one of my new additions!

    • rebecca

      I have grown to love Indian food so this is a feat for me!


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