Book of the Week: Real Cash by Robert Domico

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About the Book

Real Cash is a self-help book offering various ways a person can create profit. The book is composed of 61 chapters, with each chapter discussing a particular target. From starting your own brokerage business to making a million cash tax-tree on single deal by buying real estate, Robert Domico provides valuable insights on how to go about these transactions. In each page, the author writes in detail how to execute creative financing. Real Cash offers lessons in syndication and tactics involving real estate business and other dealings.

Author Background

Robert Domico a.k.a. The Mirror Man, is first, a businessperson. Growing up witnessing how his father worked hard to achieve the lifestyle he and his siblings enjoyed, Bob realized early on the value of focus and not settling for less. The Domico’s started form modest beginnings yet the Bob’s old man had it him a natural gift of business vision.

Over the course of few decades, their family would acquire business such as the diner and deli business. When Robert came of age, he made a name for himself and eventually, took over some of his older brother’s business and then combined them to establish a diner empire in New Jersey. He also managed food service business as well as work in huge food businesses.

Real Cash is a sum of Robert Domico’s 50 years of rich experience in the field of business and finance.


  1. Sheska

    Because of this book, I now have a guide on getting rich.

    • Aurora Hill

      It’s fun to read while learning how to become rich.


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