Book of the Week | Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs Nazis by Lydia Greico

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About the Book

Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs Nazis is a book written by Lydia Greico. Published in December 5, 2017, it is both an inspirational as well as an informative work by someone who personally experience bullying at an early age. The book is divided into 13 chapters. The 222-page masterpiece is written from a firsthand perspective and contains Lydia Greico’s inputs both on bullying and the World War II Nazis.

In the first chapter, Lydia Greico defines bullying and the many different forms of bullying. Readers will find Greico’s academic expertise very useful and enlightening. She also offers suggestion on how to help victims cope up. She ends the first chapter with a definitive statement on why we should stop bullying. The succeeding chapters tackle more serious topics such as the historical and political aspects of bullying. Greico highlights the various atrocities and assault on dignity committed by Nazis in various concentration camps. The rest of the book also tackles about the terrible effects of war.

Overall, Lydia Greico painstakingly dissect both everyday bullying and the political bullying experienced by those who witnessed World War II. At the very least, Lydia Greico is able to bring home the lesson that whether in school or in the community, bullying is a very distasteful act. Because It’s Wrong: Bullies vs Nazis is a reminder that bullying should be stopped, no matter how small or large in scale.

Author Background

Lydia Greico is a retired licensed psychiatric technician for many years. Psychiatric technicians are professionals who advocate for the various marginalized sectors and communities. In 2006, she completed her MA degree in Occupational Studies from California State University in Long Beach. Lydia Greico suffered bullying while she was growing up. She encountered bullies both in her elementary school and her neighborhood. That is why Lydia Greico feels strongly against bullying and suicide. Despite her retirement, the author continues to advocate for people and take part in various anti-bullying campaigns. The author also writes regular blogs about bullying in order to help others understand more about bullying. Her write-ups also inspire others to cope with the effects of bullying. Lydia Greico is also the author of another book, Fun with Pharmacology: Pharmacology Made Simple.


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