Book Feature: Trini: My Life of Poems by Trinidad Rodriguez

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Being a mom is one of the toughest aspects of human existence- let alone a single one. It comes with a great responsibility to raise a kid. This is a duty that is normally shared between two individuals: a man and a woman. Regrettably, not everybody is fortunate to meet someone who will stay by their side to share the responsibility. A single mother will have to enter a tough life of commitment, double the amount that a normal mother with a husband does.

While the background of every single mom is unique, the psychological challenges that young mothers must bear are always the same. Whether she’s a single mother because of falling out of marriage, divorce, or her partner’s death, every single mom is struggling with emotional challenges that make her question how effective she is on a routine basis.

In a culture where commitment or union among married couples is traditionally necessary, single mothers are sometimes underestimated. In fact, due to their immense struggles and determination to look after their kids on their own, we cannot argue that these independent moms can indeed be considered heroes and deserve to be praised and treated with respect.

In this ReadersMagnet Book Feature, the spotlight shines on the author and single mother Trinidad Rodriguez, creator of the book “Trini: My Life of Poems”, a truly touching inspirational read by a truly inspirational woman.

“Trini, My Life of Poems is a story of determination, courage, and unyielding faith. Each poem is a chapter in a life filled with a single mom’s struggles and perseverance. Breathe in each line and share those experiences, viewing them through the windows of her eyes. Some poems allow you to soar like a butterfly, realizing the freedom of a first flight, while others bring an ache to your heart. Feel the longing for a loving and caring partner and the devotion to her three children. Her prose takes us where we don’t know how to take ourselves, looking deep into our souls with poems that sometimes sing and sometimes scold. A fascinating journey expressed from the heart of a gifted writer. Find yourself a quiet corner and share life in prose we seldom have the privilege to visit”, reads the author’s Amazon page entry for her book. 

“Trini: My Life of Poems” is a story of determination, courage, and unyielding faith. Each poem is a chapter in the life of a single mom’s struggles and victories. A fascinating journey expressed from the heart of a gifted writer.

Amazon user Susan J. Shirey, who rated the book a full five-star rating on the book’s online listing, left this comment: 

“A very honest and touching book published by an incredible woman of strength and character. She gives hope to all who are struggling in relationships or life. Just because you are down doesn’t mean you are out.”

This ReadersMagnet Book Feature was brought to you by This book is available for purchase on the author’s personal website as well as on Amazon.

About the Author 

Trinidad Rodriguez, the oldest of six daughters, was pressured by her father to quit school in her freshman year at Bowie High School in El Paso, Texas, to marry a man who would support her. Encouraged by a teacher that recognized her intelligence, she graduated as valedictorian in 1961. Married at age twenty, she completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas at El Paso. After a failed marriage and with three children to support, she completed her master’s at age thirty-eight. She went on to have a distinguished teaching career and is now a licensed professional counselor in San Marcos, Texas. She continues a successful life of service to her community at the age of seventy-three.

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  1. Maria Guerra

    She is a wonderful human being, and I can say that she brought me back to life as a woman. Her kindness an inspiration made the person who I became. Thank you Trini for giving me a second chance at life.


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