Book Feature: The Spiritual Discernment Guide by Dr. Ronald T. Tyler

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The Spiritual Discernment Guide is a book by Dr. Ronald T. Tyler that provides readers a way to closely examine false teachings and the network of deceptions surrounding our established institutions of faith.

Over the years there have been controversial works of literature that seek to expose and challenge the established false teachings of various institutions of faith. The Catholic Church is no stranger to these published works, and to some degree even welcome these works. Many of these works shed enlightenment and have vastly contributed to the discussion about traditional beliefs, historical fallacies, and exposition of the network of deceptions by anti-Catholics and anti-Christ believers. Today, we are going to feature a remarkably-written book that challenges our predisposition about the Church by tackling issues of semantics, false teachings, and the network of deceptions hidden staring right in front of us. ReadersMagnet features The Spiritual Discernment Guide by Dr. Ronald T. Tyler.

The Spiritual Discernment Guide by Dr. Ronald T. Tyler

The Spiritual Discernment Guide by Dr. Ronald Tyler is the product of his years of experience, extensive research, and intensive personal experience. Published in 2014, his book imparts a wealth of valuable insights on how to closely examine our faith and the established teachings of the institutions that imposed certain belief systems and traditions. Not only Dr. Tyler talks about false teachings and seed of apostasy in the modern context but also enlightens his readers on certain truths and mistruths that surround the Catholic Church and other religious denomination. Dr. Tyler examines the conflict between creationism and evolution and how theistic evolution is opposite to what the Bible teaches. The Spiritual Discernment Guide also tackles the issue of the New Age and how they threaten the Christian faith. The book is a powerful discussion guide for relevant topics such as secular psychology, false charismatic and anti-charismatic teachings, humanism, eastern religions, occultism, and Satanism. Dr. Ronal T. Tyler’s book is a must-read by bible scholars and those interested in significant discussions about the Catholic faith.

“There was an eerie quietness in the isolated compound. Even the jungle birds and other tree dwellers were subdued. By all appearances, it was a typical October day in equatorial South America—hot, humid, listless. Nearly a thousand searching, deluded souls had gathered, crowding the vegetable gardens and central pavilion. All felt a nervous excitement—and kept a taut control. Mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, and single adults stood obediently in line—as they had been trained to do. Each was given a Styrofoam cup half-filled with strawberry Kool-Aid and laced with cyanide. On this bright, sunny afternoon in 1978, surrounded by lush tropical beauty, nine hundred and fourteen “Christian” followers of Jim Jones committed suicide in Guyana. According to Walter Martin, who is perhaps the foremost authority on cults and spiritual deception in our time, the Jonestown massacre was a tragedy of cultic deception and murder . . . traced unerringly to the New Age doctrines of man’s divinity and the relativistic world view of the New Age Cult.” (excerpt from the book)

About the Author

Dr. Ronald T. Tyler lives in Arizona with his wife, Virginia Tyler. He is a Bible teacher and small group leader in the state. Dr. Tyler is also a retired professor in English, a former newspaper reporter and editor, and a New Age cult member. Dr. Tyler was also a member of the Gurdjieff Foundation for a decade.

His rich and extensive experiences with various belief systems and organizations provide a wealth of information and insights for his book The Spiritual Discernment Guide

To know more about Dr. Ronald T. Tyler and his works, you can grab a copy of his book, or visit his website today.


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