Book Feature: The Puzzles of Life by Fetherson

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Gregory Fetherson is the author of several religious books including Deep Within: The Puzzles of Life.

Religious and spiritual books come in handy, especially during these times of social crisis. Everywhere there are riots, unrest, prejudice, injustice, and not to mention the fact that people all over the world are dealing anxiously with this pandemic. Religious and spiritual literature provides readers with the much-needed respite from chaos and negativity. These books remind us that God is present amidst our struggles and difficulties. In many ways, books like those written by Gregory Fetherson offer answers to many of our questions. Deep Within: The Puzzle of Life by Fetherson is among the many books that we must take time to read, especially now that most of us have the time to reflect while staying safe at home.

The Puzzles of Life

Published in 2019, Deep Within: The Puzzles of Life is Gregory Fetherson’s second book. It follows his debut work, Deep Within: The Wonderful World of God. The book is part of a 21-book series that Fetherson plans to write and publish. The Puzzles of Life is designed to help readers understand the puzzles that, happen throughout our lives. According to author Gregory Fetherson, each of our lives is like a piece of a puzzle that fits uniquely into God’s amazing picture of life. The challenge is to try and figure out where we stand in the picture. Deep Within: The Puzzles of Life promises to provide the readers with the proper understanding, and the solutions to these puzzles.

Other Works by Gregory Fetherson

According to Gregory Fetherson, he was instructed by God to write a book. So Fetherson went back to college and took speech class and worked on his writing and communication skills. About two years late he began writing his first book. However, before he could finish and publish the first one, Gregory felt that God wanted him to write a series of books for him to share his spiritual encounters with other people. In 2018, published Deep Within: The Wonderful Word of God, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Currently, Gregory Fetherson is working on a series of 21 books. This is based on his twenty years of fighting and becoming the soldier of Christ. Gregory Fetherson believes that it is his solemn duty to inform people about what is going on behind the scenes in the spiritual rim. Fethersin aims to help people acquire a better understanding of how to survive in a world full of temptations, evil, and deception.

 About Gregory Fetherson

Gregory Fetherson was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He joined the U.S. Army when he was still seventeen years old. Gregory Fetherson excelled in his military duties. Fethersun had a remarkable career in the military but he retired at the early of thirty-three. Fetherson is a widower with two sons and a daughter. He considers himself both as a military soldier and as a soldier of Christ.

One year after his retirement from the U.S. Army in 1994, Fetherson decided to dedicate his whole life to God and started on a different journey of a lifetime. For over twenty years, Fetherston read and studied the Bible daily without missing a single day. By reading and understanding the Bible, Gregory experienced and learned a lot in 24 years that he could have learned in many lifetimes over. In March 1996, Gregory Fetherson was ordained as a Reverend. In 2008, Gregory Fetherson became an apostle of God and set on to embark on a literary journey with Him as his guide.


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