Book Feature: The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance Experience

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It’s amazing how an everyday thing can make you re-examine your life and embrace a grand idea.

Dr. Peter Justus came up with The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance Experience in 2012. The circumstance leading to this book was odd. One day, while doing a perfunctory task (brushing his teeth), he discovered something that made him reexamine his life. This epiphany led Peter to a personal journey of reevaluating his priorities in life. What followed next is a series of learning, unlearning, and relearning. His musings would later become the chapters that comprised The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance Experience.

Peter Justus’ The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience: Finding Opportunities for Happiness in the Ever-Present Now is a self-help book that is a fusion of science and spirituality.

One of the focal points of The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance Experience is your life’s meaning and its purpose life. Before writing this book, Justus is already a successful physician and has a very lucrative career. Despite his achievements, Dr. Peter Justus still felt that there is something to the life he is already living.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Dr. Peter Justus.

The major point of his book deals with finding one’s purpose in life and working to achieve that purpose. Peter Justus explains that the only way to genuinely fulfill our meaning and be happy with our existence is to continuously improve ourselves in and out. Justus further explains that self-improvement is more on understanding each facet of our daily activities and striving to do better in each of those aspects. He notes that each one of us possesses the capability to improve each dimension of our well-being provided we take time to evaluate and examine the nature of our work and relationships. By knowing more about ourselves and the various areas of our existence, we can redesign ways to better our performance, perspective, and our life’s purpose.

Being in the Moment

Another idea that Dr. Peter Justus highlights in his book The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance are living in the moment. Sometimes we do a certain thing every day and we forget the reason why we are doing this certain task or act. Soon this certain exercise becomes perfunctory and we lose our appreciation, leaving us feeling empty. Most of us perform tasks because it rewards us or leads us to a certain target goal or a result. However, there are times when taking the process for granted. This mindset tends to take away the essence of what we do and along the way leaves us wondering for what reason do we do these things. He notes that only by understanding how and why we do things can we truly achieve a sense of fulfillment and eventually, happiness.

Dr. Peter Justus further explained that most of us are too busy living through time instead of being in the moment. This, he said, creates a sort of emptiness in our daily existence. This existential void was very evident in his life until he stumbled upon a life-changing realization while doing daily routine activity.

Overall, The Pursuit of Personal Renaissance Experience is an interesting and pleasant read for everyone.

About the Author

Peter G. Justus, M.D. was born in New York City on March 6, 1948. He grew up in the Seattle area and received a B.S. degree in Zoology and an M.D. degree from the University of Washington. He is a board-certified gastroenterologist and practices medicine in Kirkland, Washington. He lives in Bellevue with his wife Sheila.


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