Book Feature: The Innocent Eyes Of A Child by Trea Jackson

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Childhood recollections evoke a special sense of nostalgia. As time passes, one’s attachment to their childhood—the most delightful phase of one’s life—grows more substantial. Every child should remain free of all worries, anxieties, and responsibilities; the world’s concerns should not be a burden to them.

Childhood’s allure cannot be forgotten because memories have an indelible impact on one’s life. But for a child named Brighteyes, her childhood was subjected to something out of the ordinary. She is abandoned by her abusers at the age of five and ends up in foster care. Follow this riveting and heartwarming tale of healing and survival on The Innocent Eyes Of A Child: Everyone’s Little Girl But Nobody’s Child by Trea Jackson.

The Innocent Eyes Of A Child: Everyone’s Little Girl But Nobody’s Child

The story of Brighteyes, who was born into a dysfunctional environment and subjected to years of abuse, can capture the readers’ hearts.  Full of ups and downs, Brighteyes’ foster care experience will undoubtedly rouse heartache or sympathy. This tear-jerker memoir is filled with hope, courage, and optimism. It will teach readers the significance of standing still whenever life throws rocks,  staying persistent despite heartbreaks and setbacks.

Brighteyes thought that screaming, yelling, bruising was all normal. For others, it was dysfunction, but for her, it was typical. It became normal since it happens every day. Until she realized that her normal was other people’s nightmare. She had to fight to be free from agony and abuse, leading her to be part of the foster care system. But the abuse does not end there. The foster care did not go as expected. Jumping from one home to another brought more sorrow. Brighteyes found that being a foster child is full of heartbreaking, overwhelming, and frustrating challenges. She experienced maltreatment by some foster parents, which caused significant trauma.

Readers will journey with Brighteyes, taking them to every part of her personal account, including places where her hopes and dreams were there, even if they were not. All she dreamt of was being saved and go to a place where comfort and love are evident. The only way to achieve this is by being rescued by a loving and caring family.

This book will reveal the true journey of foster children that everybody fails to witness. Nobody desires to grow up this way, but foster children are forced to.

This book gives readers a clear view of abuse in many shapes and sizes, opening their eyes that actual events like these are happening to children. Children are not meant to feel misery and despair. Instead, they are meant to be loved and nurtured, giving them a great chance to flourish in life.

About the Author

Trea Jackson’s personal accounts of abuse that turned into trauma are important for everyone to know. It gives so many lessons and awareness to readers. Jackson’s bravery in disclosing every detail of encounters will inspire everyone to tell their own and express emotions.

Trea Jackson’s fascination for writing fantasy stories when she was young led her to write realistic stories of her life. The act of writing nourished her soul, helping her get through the desolation she experienced during the foster care system. Hoping to help abused and foster children, Jackson turned her personal experience into a compelling, inspirational biography.

Despite the anguish and torture she experienced in life, she kept strong hope and faith. Now, with a master’s degree in psychology from Roosevelt University,  she works for the Illinois Department of Human Services as a social worker.







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