Book Feature: The End of the Rainbow by James Forker

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The End of the Rainbow is the heartbreaking memoir and debut book by James Forker.

Losing someone we love is always heartbreaking. We are left with memories, and often, it takes a very long time to process that the person we shared with those memories is now gone. They say that when a person we love dies, a part of us also dies. Our lives are never the same, and because we are used to certain things, routines, and ideas when the person was still with us, the rest of our existence may prove to be hurtful, depressing, and even cynical. It takes faith, love, and acceptance to be able to move on in life. More importantly, it takes a special kind of courage to share one’s journey of love and loss with others. Today, we will feature a touching story of a man who found love and lost it when his beloved passed away.

The End of the Rainbow by James Forker

The End of the Rainbow: One Man’s Unexpected Journey of Love and Loss through Leukemia is the complete title of James Forker’s debut book and memoir. It was published last May 2021 and is available in paperback and E-Book format.

Jen was beautiful. Jim’s life was pretty empty before he met her. He filled the endless loneliness by drinking and playing beer pong with friends. Then a chance encounter in the mailroom changed everything. In thirty seconds, Jim was smitten. There was one problem: Jen was married.

That sealed the deal for Jim. He would have to get over her and move on with life. He tried, but he couldn’t get Jen off his mind. Then he got word from a friend that she had separated from her husband. She’d also had a son. Long story short, Jim got the girl, but the story doesn’t end there. (book description)

The End of the Rainbow: One Man’s Unexpected Journey of Love and Loss through Leukemia is a masterfully written debut book by Jim Forker which shares his story of love found and love lost. Jim was living an ordinary life when he met Jen woman. When the opportunity came for them to be together, he loved her passionately and built his life around her and their family. Everything was copacetic, and life was bliss until the diagnosis came to change all that. The book chronicles Jim’s unexpected journey and the memories that make a heartwarming tale of love, loss, grief, fortitude, acceptance and embracing tomorrow. On a lighter side, The End of the Rainbow is also am an inspiring story of single fatherhood, blended families, and the challenges of dealing with terminal cancer. It’s about one man being there for his wife, even at the worst-case period of their life and love. It’s also about his courage and keeping a promise of loving his children when their mother no longer could. Jim Forker’s narrative is a story that many lovers and parents could relate to. It is a familiar but somehow fresh narrative that is worth reading.

About the Author

Author James Forker was born and raised in New Jersey. As a solo kid, Jim grew up enjoying many hobbies, including cycling, traveling, playing racquetball, hiking, and always searching for the best cup of coffee. However, as an adult, he grew up always alone and a bit lonesome until he met Jen.

James Forker currently resides in Marion, Massachusetts, with his five children: Ben, Charlotte, and Nora, plus two dogs, Libby and Leo. Jim fundraises for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. He is a huge fan of the New York Giants (Major League Baseball) and the New York Yankees (Football).

To know more about James Forker and his book, you can purchase a copy via Amazon or visit his author’s website for more information.


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