Book Feature: The Bone Pile Series by Sharon Traner

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The American Civil War is a haunting chapter in the nation’s history, forever etched in the collective memory.

As the war spanned from 1861 to 1865, this devastating conflict tore apart the United States, pitting brother against brother and region against region. In this book, The Bone Pile Series, we explore the deeply entrenched mindsets of both Yankee and Confederate participants. Furthermore, we delve into the toll it took on humanity, unmasking the horrors that came with the war.

Let’s also unmask the horrors, deaths, and deplorable state of the citizens who were caught in the chaos. Even in the darkness of this event, we will also discover the indomitable tenacity of a nation that defies all odds, surviving self-induced alienation and destructiveness.

What Goes Through the Minds of Yankee and Confederate Perspectives?

To truly understand the American Civil War, we must delve into the complex mindsets that shaped the participants on both sides. The Yankees, hailing from the industrialized North, were driven to preserve the Union. They view succession as an insult to the very essence of American democracy. Yankees saw themselves as the guardians of progress, fighting to eradicate the abomination of slavery and ensure the nation’s unity.

On the other hand, the Confederates, predominantly from the Agrarian South, were motivated by a deep-rooted allegiance to states’ rights. Confederates live a way of life steeped in tradition. They believed in their land’s sanctity, culture, and right to self-governance. The institution of slavery, though controversial, played a central role in their economic structure and social fabric. Such a belief system drove the division further, and they withdrew from the lofty ideals of the other parties.

The Horrors, Deaths, And The Deplorable State of the Citizens

As the war unfolded, both sides were confronted with the grim realities and unimaginable horrors of battle. The Bone Pile Series shows the idyllic visions of honor and glory quickly dissolved into a nightmarish landscape. Blood-soaked battlefields, shattered lives, and unspeakable suffering were all they’d known in the war. Ultimately, the American Civil War claimed the lives of an estimated 620,000 soldiers and countless civilians.

The war’s impact extended far more than the battlefield. Citizens endured extreme hardships. Their lives were upturned by scarcity, hunger, and fear. Readers of The Bone Pile Series glimpse the impact of war, the collateral damage, and precious lives. Several families were torn apart, towns and cities were destroyed, and the economy was left in ruins. The physical and emotional scars of this brutal conflict would haunt generations to come. It’s the kind of trauma that leaves a lasting imprint on the American people.

Persistent Tenacity of a Nation

Despite the destruction that defined the American Civil War, the nation displayed astonishing resilience and unwavering spirit. Between those extreme obstacles, the American people stand tall, driven by a shared belief in the ideals upon which the country was founded.

The war became a crucible that tested the nation’s fabric, forcing people to confront their profound convictions. Furthermore, this tragic part of history makes anyone question their own humanity. After all, the war revealed the capacity for both extraordinary heroism and unimaginable cruelty. Yet, a tenacity emerged – a steadfast determination to heal, rebuild, and reconcile.

Furthermore, the American Civil War laid bare the consequences of division and the price of unity. It serves as a stark reminder of the toll that warfare exacts. But it also stands as a testament to the strength of a nation that emerged from the ashes. Bruised but unbroken, committed to learning from its past and forging a brighter future.

A Nation Divided in The Bone Pile Series

The Bone Pile Series may be your typical book about war that deals with sensitive topics. Moreover, the rules for writing historical fiction may be more flexible than expected. The Bone Pile Series is an example. This book delves into the hearts and minds of those who fought on both sides of the American Civil War. Readers will face the stark realities of human tragedy, including the most pressing matter, the separation of ideologies.

If you found this book interesting, visit the Traner Novelist website and grab a copy of the Bone Pile Series. War may be pure tragedy, but historical fiction books like this help open our eyes to the atrocities and learn from them.


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