Book Feature: The Bible Was Not Written in English by David Murdoch

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The Bible Was Not Written in English is an easy to understand bible guide by David Murdoch.

The Holy Bible is the most famous book in the world. It is sacred to Christians and contains the scriptures and the word of God. Since the start of the 17th century, the King James Version of the Bible has been considered as the primary guide by most Christians and Catholics. It is composed of two main sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament. For centuries, the text in the Holy Bible has been the basis for Christian faith, doctrines, morals, spiritual guidance, and of course, Christian tradition. For author and Bible Expert David Murdoch, the words in the Bible are not totally the same as the ones in the original scripture. Remember, the original scriptures were written in Hebrew, and written before the time of Jesus Christ. The Bible Was Not Written in English offers an easy to understand bible guide by David Murdoch. Let us take a closer look at Murdoch’s published book.

The Bible Was Not Written in English: How Church Traditions Have Kept Us in the Dark is the complete title of David Murdoch’s 2015 religious book. In this book, Murdoch imparts his observations and insights about the Holy Bible, how it is being preached, and served as the foundation for many of the Church’s traditions and belief systems. In his book, David Murdoch insists on several misinterpretations as well as misconceptions about the Bible’s original text compared to what is widely preached and practiced today base on the modern King James’s version of the Bible. These misinterpretations and misconceptions are handed over from one generation to another and what is now being passed as truth and tradition by the Church. These long-held traditions according to Murdoch are different and have misled generations of faithful. Murdoch calls on Bible study experts and readers to study and revisit the scripture in its original form to better understand the word of God. According to David Murdoch,

“The problem is much of what is taught is handed down generation to generation and is now taught as gospel. The majority of churches today regardless of the denomination do not teach the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse. They read a scripture or two and then speak their own words which may be heart rendering, but they are not the truth from God’s Word. The sad result is people don’t really understand the Bible.”

 “When the proper intended meaning is set forth, the entire Bible begins to make more sense. Areas of conflict that seemed unanswerable in English are now crystal clear with a new corrective light of truth for these end times.”- David Murdoch

David Murdoch’s The Bible Was Not Written in English contains three, and all-important sections.

In the first section of the book, Murdoch shares the challenges that many of the faithful encounters when searching for deeper meaning and knowledge about God. Seeking knowledge about God and understanding His presence and purpose tend to sometimes confuse. Oftentimes, our predispositions and what we discover along the way clash and leave us asking for more answers.

The second part deals with the misconceptions, and the Church’s long-held traditions and how they are well-entrenched in the lives of many Christians. It also features a Question and Answer portion showing how our traditions have affected our belief system and in some ways have led us to falsehood according to Murdoch.

Perhaps the most interesting part is the last section. In this section, Murdoch discussed God’s laws on food and food consumption. This is something that is rarely thought about or discuss in books. Murdoch claims that these food laws are designed to help us live a healthy life and avoid today’s diseases and other health problems.

The Bible Was Not Written in English is a book that is not only for Bible scholars but also for ordinary Christians who want to examine the history and relevance of the Holy Bible is a fresh perspective. David Murdoch’s insights offer valuable lessons and challenge his readers to study more about the word of God in its original form and context. It is a must-read for every Christian.

David D. Murdoch is a bible expert, former pastor, and counselor. He studied the Holy Bible for many years. He was a student at the David Ebaugh Bible School and considers David Ebaugh and Dr. Arnold Murray of The Shepherd’s Chapel as two of his best mentors. He also served as a pastor of a small town in Baytown, Texas. Even at an early age, David committed himself to study and learning more about the Bible. During the’70s, Murdoch began studying the scriptures and insists that anyone can learn from the ancient scriptures even if one is not fluent in ancient languages. (ReadersMagnet)


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