Book Feature: Sex, Womanizing and … by Fred Sights

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Sex, Womanizing and … by Fred Sights is a book about one man’s struggle and his eventual redemption.

Our journey in life is never a straight line. It’s always filled with challenges, obstacles, trials, and even silly moments. However, sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed by many of life’s curveballs. There are moments when we lose our way, and if we’re not careful, things could be decadent and dark for some of us. These are the moments that can either make or break us. If we realize that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, then that’s the start of our redemption and the harvesting of life’s lessons. One person found himself in life’s dark alleys and luckily got out. Today, he shares his meaningful journey with others through his amazing autobiography. 

Sex, Womanizing and … by Fred Sights

“Out of the cradle, we come to encompass all life, to grasp its tender petals.”

Sex, Womanizing and …is the title of Fred Sights’s autobiographical book published in 2019. In this raw and riveting retelling of his life’s journey, Fred shares how life was difficult for him. Revealing his self-esteem issues, drug use, and anxiety, Fred encountered many unpleasant memories as he went into adulthood. These negative memories continued to pile up and eventually took a toll on him. Like many people who suffered from repressed feelings, Fred turned to other things that temporarily distracted him from his internal issues. Written with raw clarity and sincerity, readers will experience different emotions, including pain, doubt, regret, and anger. But in this book, Mr. Fred Sights also highlights self-forgiveness, reflection, and self-redemption. Fred Sights finally saw that only through faith and God can we find true grace and happiness.

“Sex, Womanizing and … is about one person who struggles to overcome their inner conflicts as well as the shame which came from certain traumatic events. The life of those closest to Fred was greatly affected. Self-redemption and the long journey to coming to terms to heal is a story that everyone should be able to relate to. People who are afraid to speak on issues that hurt have to understand that to hold on to these bitter feelings will become toxic. And just like waste, it will poison everything around.”

Understanding, as well as being willing to face my flaws, truthfully brought some level of peace in my life.

Sex, Womanizing and …by Fred Sights is an outstanding biography. It is very rare to see first-time authors, let alone those writing their life stories, that can recall moments with vividness and capture the emotions for readers to absorb. With only fifty-six (56) pages, the book is a light read compared to most autobiographies.

More About Author Fred William Sights

Fred William Sights was born in Toledo, Ohio. He was adopted by my grandparents, William and Helen Sights, at a young age. Growing up, Fred began a strong passion and love for music and sports. He eventually developed skills for interests. Fred would win talent contests and ribbons for both sports and music. after high school, Fred decided to enter into the military and considered this a milestone for him. Fred later declared that he really enjoyed his service with the United States Air Force. During this time, Fred fell in love, and married his first wife. Their marriage produced four wonderful sons. Two decades later, Fred would find the courage to write his wonderful book. Writing this autobiography enabled Fred to learn many things about himself and about being a man.

To learn more about Fred William Sights and his book, purchase a copy of the book or visit his website.


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