Book Feature: Poetic Parables by Alvina Platt-Gregory

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Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart is a collection of inspiring poems by Alvina Platt-Gregory.

Poetry is always inspiring. It is light, easy to absorb, and most of all, they are rich in lessons and representations of human experience. Some of the unforgettable poems are about love and feelings for someone. But the many great poems are actually about spiritual journey and faith. They are those who write about their journey with God, and in the process, inspire us to begin our own spiritual relationship with God and appreciate His presence in our life. Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart by Alvina Platt-Gregory is one of those books. Today, we will learn more about the book and the author’s brand of poetry.

Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart

Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart is a 2018 devotional poetry and self-help book by Alvina Platt-Gregory. The book contains 54 poems that cover various topics, including marriage (“A Wedding Prayer,” “Marital Bliss,” and “Holy Matrimony”), ministry and vocation (“Pastors from God,” ‘The Great Commission,” and “Jesus is hiring”), motherhood (“A Godly Mother”), search for God and purpose (“Jesus, I Want You!” and “I Sought GOD”), and devotion (That’s Why I Praise You” and “Everything is of God”).

“God is the answer if you seek Him. His love is never-ending, and He wants everyone to know it. This poetry collection will help enrich your faith journey and deepen your devotion to God. A devotional and self-help book rolled into one, Poetic Parables will inspire faith and joy in your search for spiritual knowledge and truth. The poems will help you open your heart and mind to God in every situation and at every opportunity.” (book description)

Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart aims to inspire readers to see the beauty and grace of God. Alvina Platt-Gregory has done an exemplary job of expressing her faith and gratitude to God. Alvina Platt-Gregory dedicates her book to anyone looking for answers to the ‘What, why, and where’ in their lives and searching for the only one who really cares about their salvation. Not only are the poems featured in the book remarkably written, but they also provide comfort and serenity in these trying times, as only Alvina Platt-Gregory can do. Poetic Parables: Listen with your Heart is undoubtedly worth reading over and over again.

About Alvina Platt-Gregory

Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory is a teacher and a poet. She discovered her love for poetry when she was a kid and honed her craft during her elementary and high school days. She then attended Trenton State College as a Nursing Major for only two years and then got married. Her marriage produced three sons, all blessed with successful lives. 

Alvina Platt-Gregory pursued her education and graduated from Living Faith Bible Academy and The College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College). She then became an Elementary Health and Physical Education teacher for the Trenton District.  

Alvina Platt-Gregory is also a custom clothier designer, having received a diploma in dressmaking and design from Harcourt Learning Direct. Aside from being a mother, she also has two intelligent grandchildren whom she adores.

Alvina Platt-Gregory once wrote for the International Poet Society. She received six Editor’s Choice certificates and a Poet of Merit Award.

The poem “Become” was included in Theatre of the Mind, a poetry collection by various poets published by Noble House.

Alvina Platt-Gregory participated in the recently held virtual book fair, ReadersMagnet’s The Festival of Storytellers. To know more about Alvina Platt-Gregory and her work, grab a copy of her book or visit her website today.


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