Book Feature: Lucius, A Story of Man’s Search For Truth

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Michael H. Lavery crafts a historical fiction that is imaginative but resonates among humanity. As the story unfolds, readers follow man’s search for truth.

When forced to choose between beliefs and familial heritage, which would you choose?

If barraged with such a hefty question, one might answer with the latter. After all, it’s easy to believe people can lay their beliefs down to honor where their loyalty lies. But when they find themselves in such a situation, when push comes to shove, people realize how overwhelming choosing between options can be. It’s as though they’re diverging from themselves, testing what they would instead prioritize – what they believe in or where their hearts may be.

Choosing between oneself and familial loyalty can be ruthless.

But such a decision was what Lucius, a Roman soldier, was thrust into.

A Man’s Search For Truth As Told In Literature

Author Rev. Michael H. Lavery writes a story following a man’s search for truth. Torn between himself and his heritage, Lucius: A Soldier’s Journey is a fictional story about a Roman soldier who finds himself in a gradual dissension with his loyalty. Readers are taken on a journey of doing and undoing as the protagonist learns to release principles that aren’t in alignment with his.

The story revolves around a renowned soldier from a military lineage as old as Rome. Lucius was an impressive soldier who made himself known to be devoted to Ceasar and the multiple emperors he had served with honor and distinction. While excelling at his position, Lucius constantly questioned his decisions. Regardless of how steadfast he had been to Rome, he finds himself conflicted between this loyalty and beliefs.

But this role couldn’t have been easily omitted from his life despite his discomfort and discontent.

Lucius was born into a tradition. Born into a family heavily associated with the Roman military, Lucius’ fate was already written before him. He had to continue through the lineage regardless of whether he fully committed to the same beliefs his family had lived by. He had been passed the torch he couldn’t let go of.

However, despite being loyal to the emperors he had served and the family he honored, Lucius was still critical to the country. He still frowned upon some of its systems and governance. From how it subjugated and enslaved people, he questioned most of the country’s structure.

What The Book Captures About Reality

Between preserving his beliefs and honoring his family, Lucius finds himself in a deep debacle. He has to find and uncover himself, finding where his beliefs may genuinely be.

The author believes there are people like Lucius out there. While they may not be soldiers, per se, they’re also experiencing man’s search for truth. These are men who serve empires faithfully, those who stay loyal to something or someone that they can easily overlook their own beliefs.

There is a struggle in Lucius’ story.

Beyond the wars he had to fight, he also had a growing conflict gnawing in his mind. Who does he serve? Will he be perpetually loyal to Rome despite having contradicting beliefs? Will he willingly choose to betray his virtues for his family?

The conflicts he’s experiencing capture the reality humanity is commonly shoved to—a man’s search for truth isn’t complete unless he’s tested by a discourse between what he believes internally and experiences externally. Often, people are thrown into situations that conflict with who they are, challenging the bounds of their consciousness and identity. Their beliefs are tested, seeing which they’ll be able to shed until they’re shaped to be who they are.

The author delivers this upon labeling his book “a man’s search for truth.” The author takes readers on a journey of self-discovery. The protagonist had to look deep within himself to realize who he truly is, capturing what a man’s search for truth entails.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lucius and seeing the resolution to his story, grab a copy of Rev. Michael H. Lavery’s Lucius: A Soldier’s Journey now!


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