Book Feature: Lily Among Thorns by Annette K. Mazzone

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Lily Among Thorns by Annette K. Mazzone is a compelling story that perfectly reflects the woes of today’s society — a society that lacks love and fear for God.

Annette K. Mazzone has written a book story of Bible prophecy, or something similar, with her novel. Being a devoted Christian herself, Annette utilizes her writing expertise to serve God. The book is a remarkable and thought-provoking source of Christian values.

Today, we’ll examine the book and discuss what it is all about, what readers can expect, and if it’s worth reading. Join us as we discuss Annette K. Mazzone’s fantastic book.

What is Lily Among Thorns All About?

In Lily Among Thorns by Annette K. Mazzone, a despotic dictator seizes dominion in the early twenty-first century. They are headed by the “man of sin,” or “global leader,” as described in 2nd Thessalonians 2:3. The narrative of the novel centers on Lily, a young adult whose love and devotion for the Lord, and her adherence to the literal interpretation of the Bible, is considered as an atrocious crime.

She maintains her religion while being subject to the persecution of a society that constantly monitors her. Fortunately, people’s faith can be found anywhere along the journey, as stated in Genesis 50:20.

Unfortunately, the worst is yet to arrive in these early years of the twenty-first century. The book talks about how the Twenty-First society and its woes will eventually lead to the birth of the antichrist. Our main protagonist is only one person who has suffered dramatically from losing love and family.

What Can Readers Expect?

Readers can expect a fantastic read with Lily Among Thorns. Anyone who picks up the book will be treated to a book story of Bible prophecy, like a Christian End-Times tale with a compelling story. The feeling of being persecuted is not a nice one. Readers will get a lot of as they follow Lily’s narrative.

Annette K. Mazzone provides readers with a beautiful story of courage and faith. Despite living in a society where she is persecuted for her religious beliefs, she keeps believing in God and His words in the Bible.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

• “Closing my Bible, I began to reflect on Eli’s part in the story and how it was that without even knowing the reason for Hannah’s many tears of heartache, Eli spoke only words of comfort and hoped in the Lord. He the Lord granted Hannah’s request, and I knew without a doubt, I could and always should go to the Lord for everything, which absolutely included, and most importantly, my heart’s desires.”

• “I nodded yes, and before I had a change of heart, I found the gumption to pull myself away from his arms of devotion. After I quickly made my way back to the exit door, I now stood poised and ready once more with my hand ready to press down onto the door handle. At this most critical juncture, Caleb decided to call out to me once again. Upon hearing the love in his voice, it enabled me as of yet to sever the ties that bind and thereafter to once again turn back around to face him. He began pleading with me to have a change of heart.”

Is Lily Among Thorns Worth Reading?

Annette K. Mazzone’s Lily Among Thorns is undoubtedly a book story of Bible prophecy worth reading. It’s a unique Christian End-Times tale that depicts a society where persecuting a person’s religious beliefs is the norm. The trials, resiliency, and faith that the main character experiences will draw readers in.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of the book today. Check out our other blogs, too, so that you can learn how to become a true follower of Christ!


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