Book Feature: Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved by Charles Lewis Anthony

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Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved is an inspiring memoir by Charles Lewis Anthony.

Some of the most excellent memoirs ever written are those that tell of one man’s total transformation. In these types of memoirs and narratives, we will witness the power of struggle, overcoming darkness and trials, embracing new perspectives, and ultimately, redemption. What is more incredible is that these narratives also display lessons, wisdom, and above all, the courage to write these personal experiences and share them with the world. It takes bravery and sincerity to share your dark pasts and to admin to one’s weaknesses. Today, we will look at an extraordinary memoir about a man who survived gangland and made a conscious decision to seek God and turn to Him.

Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved by Charles Lewis Anthony

“We continued smashing down Catalina as the chopper circled around us. As we got to 36th Street, we hit the corner and jumped off the scooters using the trees and an apartment building as cover.”

Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved is a 2018 memoir by Charles Lewis Anthony. In this inspiring work, Charles Lewis Anthony recalls his darkest times being a gang member in Los Angeles and taking part in various gang-related activities. He shares how he was deep into the system and at one time was into addiction and drugs. He recalls how his drug addiction ostracized him even from his so-called “homies” and how he did not have friends and families who wanted him around.

“Vooshia picked me up while I was smelling like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I didn’t care at all! Jesus said to come as you are, so I did just that, with all of my problems.”

Born in the 1970s and raised in the 1980s in the gang-populated city of Los Angeles, California, Ray Watkins had to make some decisions for himself. Some turned out bad, and some turned out good, but the important thing was to stay alive and live to see another day. Sit back as Ray takes us on a journey of street life survival and his encounter with our Heavenly Father. (book description)

More than a man’s retelling of his dark past, Charles Lewis Anthony’s Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved is a story of redemption and deciding to rediscover God and build a stronger and more meaningful relationship with Him. It is a heartwarming journey that will remind us all that it is never too late to seek forgiveness and salvation. Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved by Charles Lewis Anthony is an extraordinary memoir definitely worth reading.

About Charles Lewis Anthony

Charles Lewis Anthony is from Los Angeles, California. He was born in the 1970s and survived the gang underworld in the 1980s and 1990s. Despite his dark past and involvement with the decadent culture, h has turned his life around. From living in the streets and leaving his family and loved ones behind, Charles Lewis Anthony found God. After suffering from the consequences of committing himself to a local South Los Angeles street gang and wallowing in drug addiction, he decided to surrender all his troubles and dedicate his life and energy to Jesus Christ. Since then, Charles Lewis Anthony has reaped the benefits of remaining faithful. He has been a true living witness of how God has changes people and bring them into His fold when they seek His grace and salvation.

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