Book Feature: In the Shadow of God’s Love by Leelia Carolyn Cornell

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Leelia Carolyn Cornell celebrates her faith and devotion to God through her poetry and stories.

In the Shadow of God’s Love is a book by Leelia Carolyn Cornell. It was published in January 2018. The book is a collection of poems and stories that declare God’s presence in everyday life. Cornell affirms that God is present not only in special moments but also during the sorrowful, challenging, and triumphant times in our lives. God is also present even in the dullest and funniest moments in our lives. Cornell divided the book into two sections.

First Section: Poetry and Scriptures

The first section of In the Shadow of God’s Love is composed of poems about faith and hope. Ms. Leelia Carolyn Cornell’s poems are very personal and they speak of her intimate relationship with God. The section is divided into four parts. The themes mostly deal with God’s presence in our everyday life. Using deep insightful verses, Cornell tells readers how God is present in our daily lives and how His presence is constant no matter what situation we are in. 

Leelia Carolyn Cornell’s poetry is unique because of their lines “rhyme” with one another, similar to how Psalms are written. The first section aims to give readers a message of hope and inspiration.

“‘In the Shadow of God’s Love’ is a book written from my heart,” said the author. “It speaks of my intimate relationship with God, through what one friend described, like love letters to God. It comes from all kinds of life situations happy times, joyous times, funny times, sad times, and tragic times and my hope in God in all things.” – Leelia Carolyn Cornell

Second Section: God and Family

The second part of Leelia Carolyn Cornell’s In the Shadow of God’s Love is more personal. She divided it into three parts. It begins with several short stories about how her family encountered God in many different situations. She writes how God played a huge part in her family’s lives. It contains funny stories as well as poems. The second part contains poetry that Leelia Carolyn Cornell wrote while spending time in her meadow. In these poems, Cornell highlights how God speaks and shows His character in nature and its beauty. Leelia Carolyn Cornell ends the second part with another tribute to Mother Nature. It features the woods which play a special part in Cornell’s life since she was three. 

To sum up the book, In the Shadow of God’s Love is a light inspirational read. The combination of poems and personal stories make the book interesting. Cornell’s work is defined by her declaration of faith and her close relationship with God. Overall, In the Shadow of God’s Love offers readers a great and pleasant reading journey.

 “God is a very real, natural part of my life. It is not a religion or a doctrine for me. It’s a personal relationship with my Father, my Beloved, my Kinsman Redeemer, and my Friend.”

About the Author

 Leelia Carolyn Cornell was born in Marion, Indiana. She is a historian and has done musical historical programs especially about Lincoln. She was a regular contributor to Hoosier Heritage Magazine and is currently writes for White Tops, a professional circus magazine. Leelia has traveled extensively. She’s been top all fifty states, five Canadian provinces, the Yukon Territory, four continents, and a mission trip to Asia. Leelia Carolyn Cornell also teaches a Bible study on the Hebraic understanding of scripture.


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