Book Feature: Esther and the Revolution by Ray Sobrino Jr.

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Ray Sobrino Jr.’s debut historical fiction Esther and the Revolution is truly a pleasant surprise.

Historical fiction is a literary genre that takes readers to a certain point in history. Although the story is fiction, the setting is an actual event in the past. Historical fiction, at times, features key figures of the past. One essential element of historical fiction is they depict the social conditions of that particular period. In Ray Sobrino Jr.’s latest work, Esther and the Revolution, he features the events that transpired during the Mexican Revolution which took place from November 1910 to May 1920. The Mexican Revolution is a significant part of the country’s history which produces the Mexican Constitution of 1917. 

Esther and the Revolution 

Esther and the Revolution is a book published in February 2019. The book is a departure from Ray Sobrino’s previous works. It follows the story of a young woman who left her war-torn country of Mexico to look for refuge. The novel is set in 1918 and features several of Mexico’s important historical figures. Esther travels from her small town in central Mexico and heads out towards the United States. Esther works her way around difficult situations by using her wit and charisma. The novel is divided into 9 chapters filled with light humor, historical facts, and an adventure that will leave readers with a better appreciation for history and culture as well as Esther’s resilience and positive outlook in life.

Other Works

While Esther and the Revolution is a novel of historical fiction, Sobrino Jr. is better known for his children’s illustrated books. Before releasing Esther and the Revolution, Ray Sobrino Jr. published two children’s books.

Ralphie the Roach

Ralphie the Roach front cover

Published in 2017, Ralphie the Roach tells the story of a young cockroach whom other insects regard as ugly and dirty. They look down on Ralphie because of where he lives. Most roaches live in dark and greasy places. One day, Ralphie goes home to his parents crying. Henry, a big and mean honey bee told Ralphie that no one likes him because he is dirty and ugly-looking. He told Raplhie that everyone loves bees because of how they smell and because they spent a lot of time around flowers. This deeply hurt Ralphie’s feelings and his parents comforted Ralphie. They explained to him what is truly important in life. They also taught him how to handle bullies like Henry and other bugs who treat him badly.

Charlie the Click Bug

Charlie the Click Bug banner

Published in October 2018, Charlie the Click Bug is Sobrino Jr.’s second book. It follows the story of a little bug named Charlie. Charlie has a medical condition called epilepsy. This causes him to click uncontrollably. The story revolves around Charlie’s condition and how his parents are trying to help him fit in with the other bugs in their neighborhood. Millions of children across the world are affected by this condition. Ray Sobrino Jr.’s illustrated book about a little bug dealing with the said condition is a simpler way of educating young kids about epilepsy. The book also explains how patients can cope up and live a normal life together with other kids their age.

About the Author

Born in 1971 Long Beach, CA, Raymond Sobrino Jr. holds a degree in English Literature from California Lutheran University. He has three children and currently lives in Newbury Park, California. He is an exterminator by trade and owns a small company, Sobrino’s Termite and Pest. Aside from writing, he enjoys hiking and landscape photography. He loves taking photos of cities and nature.


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