Book Feature: Dangerous Legacy: The Second Son by C.S. Arnold

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A stunning read from start to finish, C.S. Arnold’s historical fiction Dangerous Legacy: The Second Son is her best work to date.

Author Connie S. Arnold is best known for her children’s book series Adventures of Ra-me the Traveling Troubadour. The Patchwork Princess, Blaze the Dragon, and Mudcat the Pirate are all remarkable works. All three books received notable recognition in children’s fairytale category. Last year, Arnold published her first novel Dangerous Legacy: The Second Son. A historical fiction set during the start of the Second World War, it tells the story of Stefan Zurowski, the second son of a Polish Count who returned home to find all members of his family murdered. Dangerous Legacy: The Second Son is a combination of history, romance, and mystery thriller.  

A Tragic Homecoming

The story is set during the imminent German invasion of Poland. Stefan Zurowski finds himself on a train heading home, yet again. Stefan recently graduated from a university in Warsaw. When he first returned home, his father did not welcome him. Count Zurowski favors his first son, Konrad. Konrad is the heir of the Zurowksi estate. Stefan was asked to go back to Warsaw to help defend Poland against the German invaders. And now he is being summoned home by his father, much to Stefan’s bewilderment. Upon arriving at the station, he noticed several unusual things. There was nobody at the station to meet him. There were no workers in the fields. When Stefan finally arrived home, he discovered that all members of his family are dead, as well as some of their workers. Before dying, Stefan’s father was able to give instructions to Stefan.

New Count Zurowski

After his father’s death, Stefan journeys to Warsaw to meet his father’s business manager. There, Stefan discovers that aside from being the new count, he has now a wife and a new family. He realized that the threat to his life is real and he must learn to protect himself as well as his family’s properties while trying to unravel the mystery surrounding his family’s demise. Stefan is forced to stay in Warsaw with his new family. Together with his emotionally unstable wife, who is still a stranger to him, Stefan must learn to be cunning and fight enemies he has yet to identify while trying to survive the German invasion of his own country and chasing his destiny in a new land.

A Different Adventure

Dangerous Legacy: The Second Son is a wonderful revelation from C.S. Arnolds. The book is a departure from her previous books. To say that Dangerous Legacy is a compelling book is quite an understatement. Using the third-person perspective, Arnold wrote the book with great vividness. Readers are transported back in time through Arnold’s vivid description of 1939 Poland- the Masurian Lake District of Poland, its sceneries, the countryside, and sadly, as well as the bombardments and other gory features of the German invasion. Arnold successfully weaves an outstanding narrative using history, religion, and romance as its backdrop. In Dangerous Legacy, Arnold employs her mastery in building plots and characters. From start to finish, the book provides ample suspense and mystery that made the 190-page book a fast-paced read. What is remarkable in Connie S. Arnold’s debut novel is its unique storyline. Overall, Dangerous Legacy: The Second Son, is one of a kind historical fiction. A breath of fresh air from the usual historical fiction books. A decent and unforgettable read.

About the Author

Connie S. Arnold is the author of the adventure book series Ra-me the Traveling Troubadour. Dangerous Legacy: The Second Son is Arnold’s first full-length novel. She lives on a farm in Tennessee with her husband.


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