Book Feature: Apocalypse Here and now! Are you Ready? by Betsy Fritcha

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Apocalypse Here and Now! Are you Ready? is one of the books by author Betsy Fritcha.

Betsy Fritcha is a Christian author who has published several books since 2017. Most of Fritcha’s works focused on preaching God’s wisdom and truth. Through her extensive knowledge about the scriptures, Fritcha imparts to readers the many hidden truth that God wants us to find. One of her latest work is a book entitled Apocalyse Here and Now! Are You Ready? 

Apocalypse: Here and Now! Are You Ready? 

Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Ready? was published in 2019. In this book, Fritcha guides readers in answering questions “Why am I so unsettled? Why do I sense such foreboding in my circumstances? Why do I seem to be so scared about what I do not even understand?”, and other “whys” in our lives. According to Fritcha, the answers may surprise us. Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Ready? is a book that can be used as a Bible Study. Readers will find the book as a valuable tool in finding truthful answers to many questions about God, life, faith, and end-of-time events. Fritcha insightfulness and accuracy has earned numerous praises for the book. Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Ready? is a must-read not only for Bible scholars, but for everyone who is interested to know more about the scriptures, and God’s plan for humanity and for the world.

Other Published Works by Betsy Fritcha

Shekinah Glory Reveals Wisdom: The Voice of the Lord Speaks 

Shekinah Glory Reveals Wisdom: The Voice of the Lord Speaks is Betsy Fritcha’s first book. It was published in May 2017. It is a firsthand account of God’s instructions and conversations with Betsy.

 “I wrote exactly the way He spoke because He instructed me to do this in order to convey His Heart and His Truth. Living God wants His voice to be heard above all the voices vying for attention. World circumstances are dictating that a vital change of mental intake is needed to enhance people’s lives. There are people today who are tired of “the same old, same old” and so are ready to hear a fresh voice speaking TRUTH rather than lies and negative words.” – Betsy Fritcha

Israel’s Glory Unveiled 

Betsy Fritcha published Israel’s Glory Unveiled in October 2017. The book focuses on the “hidden truth God concealed in Holy Scripture until His time came to fulfill the prophecies of His Holy prophets – Habakkuk 2:2-3.

Infinite Destiny: Truth and Wisdom 

Published this year, it is a supplementary work to Fritcha’s previous book, Apocalypse Here and Now. In this book, Fritcha shares her Holy encounters with the Supreme God. According to Betsy Fritcha the book is written for those who want to know how the Supreme God of Heaven and Earth has designed each of to fulfill our Infinite Destiny if we choose to do so.

About the Author

Betsy Fritcha grew up in an orphanage. She was abandoned there as an infant. Since she was young Betsy embraced God who put a song in her heart that has never left her. At age 10, Betsy committed her life to this God of Love and got to know Him deeply. The God of Love taught her how to know His voice above all other voices, enabling her to triumphantly overcome the many disturbing circumstances in her life. Betsy Fritcha has been on a life-long journey of learning how to heal from the pain of rejection and abandonment she experienced as a child. With God’s Love, she has embraced her life as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a friend who lives to love everyone. Through the grace of God, Betsy also found her voice and produced several books. One of them is Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Ready?

Grab a copy of Apocalypse Here and Now or visit Betsy Fritcha’s website today!


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