Best Books That Teach Kids to Be the Best Pals

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Without a doubt, one of the greatest gifts you can receive from the universe is friendship. No matter how old you get, the memories of playful moments past will remind you of a time when life was carefree and joyful. Friends are there to uplift each other, cheering each other on when needed a boost, and lending a shoulder when tears won’t stop. Just like any parent, you want your kids to be successful, smart, confident, and creative. But more importantly, you would want them to have good friends and be good friends— a friend who is kind and trustworthy. Thus, here are some books to teach your kid how to be the best pal to their friends. 

On the Night of the Shooting Star by Amy Hest

On the Night of the Shooting Star is a story about two solitary neighbors, Bunny and Dog, turned friends. The story started out with the two creatures living on opposite sides of the fence. And every morning, Bunny would look through the fence and the tall grass at Dog. And similarly, Dog do the exact first thing, every morning. Yet neither one of them says hello. Amy Hest tackles the struggles of loneliness and sadness. The story shows that reaching out and making new friends might be challenging, but the reward of doing so will be tremendous. Why? Because you will find someone who will become the best friend you can have. On the Night of the Shooting Star will teach kids to go out of their comfort zone to make new friends. 

Shy by Deborah Freedman

Shy is about a boy named Shy who loves birds. He loved watching them fly and hear them tweet their songs. But he’s only read them in books— a bird comes along, flying near him. As much as he wants to meet the bird, Shy is well shy, and he’s too afraid to say hello. Will Shy overcome his shyness and meet the lovely bird? Will he venture out and meet other beautiful creatures in the great outdoors? Shy will teach children to have the courage to meet new friends. Freedman made a beautiful story that any young kid will find relatable, especially those with social anxiety. Shy is a sweet book that speaks to every child who’s ever felt the need to hide instead of facing the daunting world. 

Friends: Here… There… Everywhere!!! by Rosella Calauti

Friends: Here… There… Everywhere!!! presents the story of little girl Brandi, Lori the Rabbit, and Salvatore the Lion. Despite their differences, they are good friends. They play with anyone and go to school with everyone their age. These three friends are looking to grow their friend group by making friends from here, there, and everywhere. Rosella Calauti wrote this book to encourage young kids to explore the world and continue making friends. The story is a sweet relatable tale that will remind you of the feeling and experience of your first encounter with your friends. Moreover, Friends: Here… There… Everywhere!! helps enhance young children’s social skills that will help them build friendships and form strong bonds. 

Bikes for Sale by Carter Higgins

Bikes for Sale is about Maurice and Lotta, who formed an unlikely friendship. Maurice rides his bike to his shop every day, and Lotta rides her bike to collect sticks every day. They have different routines, unaware that a friendship awaits them. One day while doing their routine, a branch and lemon peel got them together to become friends. Bikes for Sale conveys to readers that friendship can form anytime when you less likely think of it. This portrays how the power of coincidence can lead you to someone you’ll never know will be your friend. Carter Higgins wants to inspire children to look around the neighborhood because you might not know, somewhere in the corner is someone you’ll call a friend. 

Big Friends by Linda Sarah

Big Friends is about Birt and Ethno are best buds, and they use their big imaginations every time they play. They play outside in big cardboard boxes. Sometimes they’re kings, soldiers, astronauts. Other times they’re pirates sailing wild seas and skies. But always, always they’re big friends. They were so used to each other that it was a shock when another boy wanted to join the fun. Big Friends shows kids that there is always room for another friend. This reminds them that making new friends does not mean that you forget the old one. 


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