How to Encourage Your Kid to Make New Friends

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At one point, it’s quite likely that we ourselves wanted to be popular and cool at school when we were growing up, right? So with that being said, how can we adults and parents help facilitate the behavioral and developmental growth of our kids so that we can see them grow up to be tiny, cooler versions of us who we wish we could have been like when we were growing up? Well, there is definitely a whole big multitude of things that we can do to improve our kids’ swagger and likable traits.

The first and foremost thing that any parent should do is to just be there. To be present. To be involved. If one parent is no longer or never was a part of the household or a part of the kid’s life, then the remaining parent must take that immense responsibility of forming and molding the child from the ground up as a single parent. For kids growing up with both parents present, this is definitely a teamwork mission – the primal and evolutionary joint-effort among adults to secure the wellbeing and success of the future generation in the pursuit of securing the persistence of our species.

It involves embodying that which you wish and aspire to be like – and in doing so, the most impressionable and influenceable members of society, mainly our children, will listen and observe the ways in which you strive to be the best person that you can be. This simple act of practicing what you preach leaves significantly positive and lasting impacts on your child that are sure to beneficial to their development into likeable, functioning members of society who strive to set the example for the next generation when their time to be a parent eventual comes. Much like in the children’s book titled Friends: Here…There…Everywhere!!! by Calauti, whose first name is Rosella – it is evident that a healthy set of friends is a fundamental stepping stone to loving a fulfilling life, and this is directly facilitated by the loving effort of our parents and guardians.

But establishing relationships is an endeavor that relies on the child’s intellectual capacity, cognitive and social skills, and emotional competence. Parents may play a significant role in the growth of these skills. For instance, a lot of kids have difficulty making friends because they feel nervous or insecure. If we teach these children how to react to pleasant openings—and provide them with simple, secure opportunities to engage with warm hospitality from other people, this will help them develop important personal relationships and beneficial social experience. Similarly, there are youngsters who suffer when they lack sufficient self-control, or engage in behaviors that are antagonistic to others. These children would find it much easier to build relationships if we enable them to improve their personality abilities.

An easy way to begin doing this is to be active in your child’s school program or be thoroughly aware of their classmates and buddies at school, as well as the potential friends they can make from relatives and friends. When you are able to distinguish the specific likes, dislikes, preferences, behaviors, and favorite things that your kids like, you may facilitate a play day or even just a small gathering between your child and another kid (with their parents’ permission of course) so as to introduce them and get them acquainted. They could like the same action figures, watch the same TV-shows, or play the same games – anything that you know would help them get along with each other instantly.

By gradually exposing your child to this real life experience while constantly stimulating their growing minds as well as teaching them and guiding them along every step of the way, you may fulfill your duty as a parent by successfully integrating them into society as well-mannered, admirable adults who naturally make friends through their charm and good upbringing. As parents, it’s up to us guide the growth of our kids into healthy and genuine contributors to society who will go on to achieve great and powerful feats.


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