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Community sites are important for many reasons. For authors, being part of a community not only helps them promote their works to a wider audience. It also helps in optimizing web traffic to their websites. Let’s take a close look at some of the benefits of registering in community sites such as Authors’ Lounge.

Publish articles and blogs free of charge. This is one of the reasons why Authors’ Lounge was launched. ReadersMagnet believes in giving authors equal opportunities for sharing their ideas. Authors’ Lounge. We recognize the fact that not all authors have their own websites or blog sites where they can post their articles and other materials. ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge provides all authors this opportunity for free.

Promote activities related to your book. With Authors’ Lounge, you now have a platform for advertising your book events and other related activities. You can place announcements via your articles, comments section and of course, in our forums. Just make sure to register.

Participate in ReadersMagnet contests. Every now and then, ReadersMagnet hosts writing contests via Author’s Lounge. Authors registered in Authors’ Lounge get the opportunity to take part in these small competitions. Of course, there’s always a prize at stake.

Be updated with the writing community. When we created Authors’ Lounge, we dreamed of creating a community of writers and for writers. We designed it to be a gathering place for authors, self-published and even established ones. Through our ReadersMagnet Forum, members can interact with each other. They can share their ideas on relevant topics, and even start conversations on significant issues that are related to their books and also those that affect the general writing community as well.

Increase online visibility for your website. Increasing online visibility is one goal that every author must aspire to. The more you and your books are found online, the better your author website will do in search engine rankings. Being in Authors’ Lounge increasing your online visibility. By regularly submitting blog entries and articles, you create fresh content which can be linked to your site as well, thus ensuring your online presence.

Share link juices to increase web traffic. This is almost the instant gain for authors who register in our Authors’ Lounge. The moment you are officially registered in Authors’ Lounge, every content you submit will help bring new visitors to your author website. Increase web traffic for your site means plus points for your book promotion campaign and search engine rankings.                                

Access to tips, reviews, and other articles. The articles on Authors’ Lounge are not all submissions by the registered authors. Our resident writers also published materials for the community’s consumption. The site’s admin also posts tips, news updates, reviews, and other articles that provide members information they can use.

Avail of our promos, discounts, and perks. One great thing about our Authors’ Lounge community is we do know how to give back to our members. Registered authors are the life of our little site community and therefore it’s only fair that we provide them with perks, services promo as well as percent discounts to selected publishing and marketing services of ReadersMagnet.

Create social media authority for your site. Each published material on Authors’ Lounge is syndicated on social media. Authors can also share links of these live articles to their social media accounts. Each like, share, retweet, and following increases your social media signals which contribute to your social media authority. An increase in social media signals does not have a direct impact on increasing search engine ranking but they help get traffic to your author website. This increase in web traffic affects the site’s ranking in Google searches. And yes, ReadersMagnet boasts a remarkable rooster of social media platforms. We are active in almost all major social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

According to,

“Because so much sharing now takes place on major social media platforms, social signals may become as important to SEO as time on page, editorial linking and content quality. For businesses looking to raise their search rankings, it indicates that a comprehensive social media strategy might be in order – in addition to all of the usual SEO tactics. In other words, strategies designed to increase social media engagement can also raise your website’s search engine ranking. “

These are just some of the tangible things that ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge is able to provide its authors. Most of these benefits help in increasing web traffic for authors. Of course, there are also non-tangible benefits. Getting acquainted with new authors and their works is truly priceless. For ReadersMagnet out utmost goal is to serve the community and make sure their stories are heard by the broadest number of target audiences.


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