Ben Spencer – The Days After and My Writing Journey

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Hello everyone! My name is Ben Spencer, a nineteen-year-old author from the United Kingdom. I recently self-published my new book, The Days After, on Amazon. I want to thank ReadersMagnet and Authors’ Lounge for allowing me to write about what I have been working on.

The Days After is a crime thriller and mystery set in a small British town. This follows the protagonist, Blake Warren, in the aftermath of the brutal murder of schoolgirl Lucie Harpe. It presents his first-person perspective as he struggles to piece together a coherent narrative and explanation for these tragic events. The book includes the input and perspectives of those closest to him and those who knew her best.

My novel primarily explores love, grief, and trauma and how forgiveness and redemption are not easily obtainable. It also focuses on anxiety and the emptiness we can feel from the consequences of a relationship falling apart. It’s something I think we can all relate to.

The Days After is set in the fictional town of Maidenhorn. However, it is inspired heavily by the town where I grew up in Maidenbower. I set my novel in mid-2019, before the COVID pandemic, to allow my narrative to flow more naturally. I took some of my traits and reflected them on Blake’s character for him to feel more realistic to the reader. Most of the side characters also follow this profile.

The Book’s Target Audience

The target audience for my book is between 18-40. But I encourage anyone older to read it, as I believe my book has something to say for everyone. When readers finish my book, I hope they learn something about themselves. It is always okay to express your true emotions and how you really feel about yourself and the people around you. Also, by the time you reach the ending, I want you to walk away from it, begging to return again to Maidenhorn.

My novel has been sold exclusively on Amazon since July 2021 as an eBook. However, with enough time and audience interest, I would eventually love for my book to become a paperback and be sold in stores worldwide.

My Current Endeavors

As of right now, I am currently editing the sequel, The Days After: Part II, though that will take some time until I am pleased with it enough to be sold. In the meantime, I am also writing the first in a series of four sprawling dark fantasy novels, titled The Blades Of Midnight (you are among the first to hear its name. Congratulations!), which will be arriving in the near future.

I have been writing since late 2019, practicing my writing style and craft with my very first story; a dystopian novella called Entry No. 19. Though I am unsure if it will ever see the light of day, I am still immensely proud of it and grateful that it made me into the writer I am today.

The Days After would not exist today had it not been simple for me to live my life. Certain events, places, and items are all based on and inspired by very real things. My experiences and the experiences of others helped shape my novel and who I am as a person.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article. Any support you could show my book would mean the absolute world to me, whether via a purchase on Amazon or word of mouth. Any means is very helpful to both my novel and my future work! The link to my novel and my social media are attached below.

I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors,

Ben Spencer


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