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by | Apr 1, 2019 | Featured Article | 2 comments

I am grateful for the “author’s lounge” giving me the opportunity to bring to you the book that has changed my life and many others. Two years ago I wrote “Believe.” This is a book about how God’s people can unlock the grace that they have inside of them. As a minister of God’s Word and an evangelist, I have always had the desire to know more about Jesus and this hunger opened new opportunities for me.

This book is about how to release the power of God through the anointing that has been placed inside of us. I have seen and experienced much since understanding the principles that are found within the pages of the Bible. These principles of faith will enlighten you to see the healing, deliverance, and prosperity that is available to us. I thank “author’s lounge” for giving me the opportunity to share with you my book. Remember,  the more we meditate on the Word of God, the stronger we will become. I have seen this in my life and many others as well.

We all need to come to the realization that there is power in God’s Word and that power is available to us. I hope and pray that this book will be a tool to satisify your hunger and thirst for righteousness. May God bless you abundantly. Thank you again “author’s lounge” for giving me this chance to bring a special message to others.


  1. Melissa

    There really is power in God’s word and I’m happy I realized it through this book.

    • faye

      This seems like a perfect starter to evangelism. Thank you for featuring this book!


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