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I have been writing M/M paranormal romance for ten years now. I can’t say I chose M/M but more like it chose me.

Just like five of the most beautiful gay men did so long ago when they took me in, knowing I was straight and still giving me a family and introducing me to a world filled with love and laughter.

I have over one hundred twenty books written and I am honored, Authors’ Lounge has asked me to speak about the latest book in my ECLIPSE series, Gorilla in the Midst.

What inspired you to write the book?

I got the idea for this book while speaking with a good friend of mine. At the time, we were talking about a completely different series I write,…Kalil’s Coven. She was saying that so many people love it because my vampires are completely different from most other vampire series books. As she explained to me what she meant, my crazy brain started getting images and building a story…but not in that series…in my ECLIPSE one.

What is your book all about?

ECLIPSE is a series I thought of when I was with my husband on a vacation trip. We were driving in the deepest part of the mountains in Mont-Tremblant. A deer walked out and stood next to a sign, advertising a housing development they were building called ECLIPSE. I started thinking about when I lived in New Mexico, and how all the build up of our once small desert town affected the wildlife there…displaced…lost babies…it made me sad and as always, when I start getting sad, my mind immediately goes into my book world.

What if shifters stopped reproducing? What if they were under threat of being extinct? Then I thought about the mythological gods that created shifters and knew there was no way they would allow that to happen. After all, the only way they exist is if they have people to worship them. If paranormals disappeared, so would they.

Different gods came together…Norse, Greek, and Roman. The first thing they did was oust the old council. After all, they should have noticed the decline in numbers. The second was to create a new council and who better than a band made up of rare and extinct paranormals. The third, make finding their mate a priority and make it easier to create life.

The gods found a solution…at least they thought so…the male paranormal world wasn’t so thrilled. Finding out that they could now have children and that by a certain age the shifter or other paranormal will wake up one day and discover their circumstance had changed scared and infuriated them all. The animal or gift they were born with would be replaced by whatever their mate’s other half might be and vice versa…even if that mate is human.  They had until the next eclipse to locate their mate and bond. Otherwise, they would find themselves stuck in whatever they woke up with be it human, prey, predator or other.  This is what happened to Frazer in Gorilla in the Midst.

Frazer is the leader of the band and a new council member. He is a no nonsense kind of man and wakes up to discover his silver back gorilla is gone and he is now human…because that’s what his mate, Zander is…human…or he was.

Zander had been in the military for years and when his baby brother came up missing, he’d gone to find him. The moment he saw Frazer he felt a pull but ignored it. Because no matter how much he might want Frazer, he was a shifter and as far as Zander was concerned shifters were dangerous killers. He’d learned this the moment his team was slaughtered by a group of vile and vicious vampires who continued to follow him annihilating everyone in their path. Zander knew if he didn’t leave soon, they would take great pleasure in eradicating not just Frazer, but his entire band. However, he hadn’t expected to wake up with a silver back gorilla trying to break out of his skin and discovering that if he refuses to bond with Frazer, not only will Frazer lose his gorilla forever, but Zander would also have to learn to live a life as a shifter.

What do you hope readers could get out of your book?

I have had readers tell me how my books are unique in what kinds of shifters and worlds I create, but also how they take them out of their current state of life and bring humor when they hadn’t found so much to laugh at recently. I’ve also had people tell me how each of my books has a moral or lesson to it without being obvious. It’s why I plan on adding audible to my books. I want any and all people that wish to get lost in the world of love and fantasy to be able to enjoy the life my characters create.

Gorilla in the Midst is designed to show readers that just because one group of people might have hurt you, it doesn’t mean they’re all bad. Also, we are more than just our job or one piece of ourselves and the most important aspect, that I try to convey in all the books I write…your pack, band, coven…whatever, is not just a group of people you share a space with, they are your family and no matter what you can count on them in times of need.

Could you add something more about yourself?

It’s because of how I look at the groups of paranormal people I write about, that although you can read any of my books as a stand alone, they always have groups of people in them, that if you don’t read the books in order, you might get a bit confused at times. Also, as with Gorilla in the Midst and the rest of the series, I will end up branching off and creating other worlds for readers to enjoy and get lost in.

If you ever have question or want to say hi, please feel free to DM or e-mail me.

Thank you, Cree Storm

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