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About the Author

Ms. Gay Sizemore Sauer the amazing and sensational grandmother, who despite our leaps and bounds progress  in the manner of recording and writing notes and journals, reminded us that we can never really do away with that little tiny scrap of papers where we record minute but vital pieces of information.

It is astonishing to note that the simple, yet marvelous book of Brightly, the Grounded Angel, was conceptualized and eventually written made up by several minute scraps of papers that clutter above her table which she alone can piece together and organized to compose an entire children book that is loved by people of all ages.

It is equally surprising to know, despite modern technologies, that we can still rely on good old scribblings on scrap papers, to record information we get from several sources, every chance and places we get.

This we learn from her blog on ReadersMagnet Author’s Lounge. How her book came about from several scrap papers cluttering her desks and tables.

Sizemore Sauer’s Book Brightly the Grounded Angel is Readersmagnet’s BestSeller 1st Quarter of 2019.  She had a Book Signing Activity as well done in her local area.  Her second book, titled TRIPLE PLAY is on the process of publishing now by Readersmagnet as well.

Book Excerpt

Brightly the Grounded Angel Cover - readersmagnet

So, why dwell on what many believe is an inconsequential piece of information? Simply put. Great work of Arts comes in all forms, and begin from humble beginnings.

It is also important to relate the moral lesson from the book of Ms. Sauer that despite of limitations we have, we are still capable of achieving great things.

Brightly, the Grounded Angel shows us that in spite of whatever limitations Brightly has, it still doesn’t stop him from helping others – especially babies – and be useful in God’s kingdom.

Ms. Sauer who is a retired English High School Teacher – whose primary work is not just to provide students of useful information, and teaching them things they can later use in life – principal job is to mold and shape young people to become better citizen who will contribute to the improvement of their community and society.

In effect her book – Brightly, the Grounded Angel – is teaching us something that we knew already but has forgotten about, or simply do not believe.

That whatever limitations and inadequacy we have, we should not let it hinder from the things we have to do. We should not stop taking chances and miss on opportunities because of fear.

Woody Allen once said, “ My greatest regret in life is I am not Someone else. “ A lot of laughter his joke has brought.

But the truth is, we really don’t have to be somebody else to achieve greatness. If we cannot be a tree in the forest, we can be a scrub in the valley. It doesn’t matter who and what we are. The important thing is we do the best we can whoever and whatever we are. Helen Keller, was deaf, mute and blind, but it didn’t stop her from graduating college and becoming a book author. Moses stutter and have difficulty speaking complete sentence, but it didn’t stop him from freeing his fellow Jews from Egypt.

Thus, Ms. Sauer’s primary character of her children’s book – Brightly, the Grounded Angel – has shown us, that although he only has one wing, and cannot do somersault and flip-flops in the air, he is useful in God’s Kingdom by using his soothing voice to help babies relax. From his first assignment in Bethlehem, Brightly discovered that helping newborn babies is more fun.

Ms. Gay Sizemore Sauer, although writing a children’s book, doesn’t treat children like babies, instead as a young adults to help improve their vocabulary.

This highly exceptional and marvelous lady, though recently was bedfast and recovering from a surgery wrote this delightful and very pleasurable children’s book, while teaching us a significant and essential lesson: that if we believe in ourselves, and put our hearts in whatever we do in our life, we shall achieve great things. Truly a remarkable children’s book from a wonderful and incredible retired school teacher and a lady.

This amazing lady also is ReadersMagnet  BestSeller for 2019. She also just did a book-signing at her Columbia Methodist Church last June 12, 2019. The event was reported in The County News in an article last June 7, 2019.

For readers who already have purchased her first children’s book and could not get enough of her, Ms. Sauer’s second book Triple Play, is now being process for publishing by one of the fastest-rising and growing Self-Publishing Book company – ReadersMagnet.

And for first-time patron who wants to know more of the author and her book you can check her on her website or maybe call Columbia United Methodist Church at 979-345-4642.



  1. Melissa

    Ms. Sauer is teaching us that it’s okay to be imperfect, because we are beautiful in God’s eyes.

    • rebecca

      The fact that we have flaws like Brightly the angel is something we can learn from.


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