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Thank you, Authors’ Lounge, for promoting my book entitled “George Weah Taking on the 170 Year Challenges of Liberia.”

 About the Author

Dr. Moses Kulo, a researcher and educator, lives in Houston, Texas, United States. He was born to subsistent farmers in the southeastern part of Liberia in Africa. He is the author of “George Weah Taking on the 170 Year Challenges of Liberia” published in the United States. Dr. Kulo revealed that the purpose of his book is to create an awareness of the leading factors, such as illiteracy, corruption, troubling policies of the central government, and other questionable practices that kept Liberians in poverty for nearly two centuries. Liberia is a West African nation guided and supported by the great United States and other western financial institutions since 1847. This book summarizes the essential challenges, practical solutions, and ways to strengthen the social, economic, and political institutions of Liberia.


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