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Patricia Sims is the author of the rising romance novel, A Major Hurdle.

For a first time author, Patricia Sims was able to write a modern romance novel that includes elements of mystery, suspense, crime, court drama, and spirituality. Thus, an author feature is deserving. A Major Hurdle provides remarkable characters and a promising narrative that will hook readers. Sims entwines a multitude of subplots in a single novel making this book one of the must-read novels in the romance genre.

Patricia Sims

The author of A Major Hurdle, Patricia Sims, is a retired educator, a singer, a songwriter, and a writer. She writes poems, songs, short stories, and novels. At a young age, Sims always envisioned entering the world of fiction. Her retirement and her love for writing pushed her to finally write her own book. The romance book, A Major Hurdle, is her first published novel. Patricia Sims is an optimist and has an overactive imagination. She believes in romance and positive outcomes notwithstanding the challenges a person will encounter in love. These are the ideas that fueled her to write A Major Hurdle.

Patricia Sims holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Education with further studies in computer application. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Johnny Sims. Her husband is a minister. Her husband has always been supportive of her endeavors in life. The couple has three children namely Vickie, Stacey, and Jon Isaac. They also have four grandchildren. As a singer and songwriter, she and her husband released her first gospel CD in January 2019 with the title In The Name. Patricia Sims believes that God’s hand is leading her in everything that she does.

A Major Hurdle

A Major Hurdle is Patricia Sims’ debut novel in the romance genre. She first published this romance novel early this year. This book follows the story of Catherine Adam’s second chance at love. This is a story that does not only follow the romance of the protagonist but also the challenges that come with it.

The protagonist of the story is a mother of three who is struggling with her grief. She least expected a second chance at love and happiness. She found a second chance at love in the form of Dr. Philip Cagney, a college professor at Hillcrest College. The love she finds in him is unique but this frightens her. Hesitant with the foggy picture of the future. However, this new love is hurdles with doubt and fear after the unfortunate circumstances following their first meeting. Catherine decides to ignore all the warning signs with her new love until it is too late for her to come back. Having recently found a new love, Catherine Adams accused of a murder she did not commit. Their love for each other is threatened by mysterious circumstances. Luckily for her, she has a spiritual support system to help her endure the challenges thrown her way. How will the couple’s faith help them through withstanding and overcoming these trials?

Patricia Sims describes A Major Hurdle as a novel that is filled with a roller coaster of emotions that will move and touch the hearts of readers. This book will remind all of the readers that love will always find a way. Sims states that this book is a must-read for any person who lost faith in love and maybe in God as well. This book will be a reminder to anyone that God’s love is greater than any obstacle. And having a strong faith will help overcome the challenges and trials that will come in any person’s life. 


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