Rev. Michael H. Lavery, Author of Lucius a Soldier’s Journey

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Our world is full of people who stand as pillars of unwavering dedication and steadfast faith. 

Rev. Michael H. Lavery, author of Lucious a Soldier’s Journey, had God-given wisdom to write a book as an expression of praise. With a bright 42 years of ministry work, Pastor Lavery exemplified a rare blend of expository preaching, divine wisdom, and an enduring commitment to his calling.

Through his challenges, Pastor Lavery emerged as a man of faith, inspiring countless lives and writing a book that serves as His creative outlet.

What You Need to Know About Pastor Lavery

A graduate of Midwestern Baptist College in 1979, Rev. Michael H. Lavery has been pastoring the Tabernacle Baptist Church of Maywood, Illinois. Pastor Lavery shared the Word of God for over forty-two years through expository preaching.

Suppose there’s one admirable thing about Pastor Lavery. In that case, it’s the way he acknowledges that apart from Christ, he can do nothing. This is especially true for any minister who’s been fully involved in ministry work for a long time. While the author acknowledges this truth, he still strives for new horizons—to become a book author.

A Short Recap of Lucius a Soldier’s Journey

In the ancient Roman empire, there lived a soldier named Lucius. Being a renowned man, he has quite a reputation to uphold, as he hailed from a military lineage as old as Rome. Furthermore, his loyalty to Caesar is unmatched, with Lucius having an iron fist that imposes the emperor’s will. However, despite his servitude, Lucius develops conflicting feelings about an empire whose lust for power is getting out of hand. He thinks the Roman Empire runs on the idea of peace as another war to fight.

This sense of justice didn’t come out of nowhere, though. Lucius’s father greatly influenced him, though the man was taken way too early in life. Despite their short time together, Lucius’ father successfully imbued his son with concepts that were far from the ways of the Romans. As a result, these ideals would be the forge of character for the young Lucius onwards. Now that he’s old enough to know better, Lucius wonders about the existence of truth until it is tested by a fateful reassignment that would mean a head-on collision with such a truth.

The Author of Lucius a Soldier’s Journey and His Intentions

Writing a book has always been a passionate endeavor for Pastor Lavery, especially as the author of this book. Apart from writing as a creative passion, Pastor Lavery also wants to convey the dreadful outcome of history’s failures and what we can do to rectify that. After all, the Roman empire was once the peak of power and glory at the time. What remains in the present is a fond memory of that ancient glory and its impact on the world.

Upon writing this book, Pastor Lavery wanted to reach out to good men who still desire to seek the truth. Moreover, the difference between religious obligation and Biblical salvation teaches us that there’s something more than just knowing God’s truth.

It’s a matter of acknowledging His will in our lives, which can become a turning point for the truth we seek. As the author, Pastor Lavery hopes that every reader recognizes the truth of God’s grace and salvation. Furthermore, his God-given gift of preaching can be translated into every page of Lucius’ story. It can be a guide to seek those who are lost.

Closing Words

With God’s infinite wisdom and blessings, the author of Lucius, a Soldier’s Journey, was given the chance to express praise through this book. This remarkable story was inspired by God’s goodness and his power over all the elements in this world.

Moreover, as the author of Lucius, a Soldier’s Journey, Pastor Lavery desires that every reader receives as much blessing from reading his book as he did from writing it.


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