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Luthie M West is a teacher, artist, and author of several children’s illustrated books.

Luthie M West is considered a Renaissance woman whose interests range from seemingly ordinary to passionate creativity. She has published numerous books, both kid’s stories, and fantasy novels. She recently participated in ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair, where she wowed readers and fellow authors with her stories and life experiences. Today, we will learn more about the woman behind the Little Cabbagehead Books, Luthie M West.

Luthie M West: Jack of Many Trades

Author Luthie M West considers herself as a Jack of All Trades. Aside from her literary accomplishments, Luthie is also a teacher. She is also an actor and a director. Art is also one of her interests. 

Luthie M West is also the creator of Little Cabbagehead Books. Luthie’s zest for life has earned her the monicker ”the fun one” because she is always full of life and loves going to parties and telling stories she invented on the spot. Luthie is also known for her passion for stage performance! 

Throughout her life, Luthie has had an impressive list of work experiences and adventures. Luthie has worked as are animal trainer, dog groomer, lithographer, dental technician, and singer. She also once held jobs as a receptionist and waitress. Her vast experiences with ordinary jobs have enabled her to encounter many people, and these encounters somehow find their way into her stories. These experiences are also part of her research, and they help her produce excellent materials. There was even a time when Luthie, a fantasy author, took a class in Amazare, the Italian martial art of sword fighting. There she learned how to wield a sword. Luthie also took time to study boatbuilding from discussions with a professional boat builder. These lessons helped her wrote her latest fantasy novel, Spiritdancer: The Blade of Baresi.

Luthie is also a gamer and plays online RPG or role-playing games. She started playing after her children were grown. For Luthie, playing video games is the easiest way to be invited to parties, virtual ones. 

Despite her many interests, Luthie’s number one passion is still storytelling. So she decided to make her stories available to a broader audience through her books.

Published Works by Luthie M West

Cat Soup (2017)

Cat Soup is a fairytale adventure about a prince searching for a missing cat only to be caught by an ogre. Now the prince is desperate to get rid of the ogre and hopefully with the help of the cat. The illustrator is Olsi Tola.

The Bully Frog (2017)

The Bully Frog is a fable about doing what is right and helping others even though they were mean to you. The story is short and features frogs and an alligator. The illustrator is Olsi Tola.

Tic Tac and the Raven (2017)

Tic Tac and the Raven is another fable by Luthie M West. It is a story of an unlikely friendship between a mouse and a raven. The illustrator is Pier Giuseppe Giunta. West will donate 25% of royalties to the Santa Ana, CA Zoo for every purchase of this book through 2018.

Laila’sMagic Brush (2017)

Laila’s Magic Brush is a short inspirational tale about a girl and her magic brush. The book features 50 pages with minimal text and 23 brilliantly colored illustrations by Rayne Fife.

Spiritdancer: The Blade of Baresi (2020)

Spiritdancer: The Blade of Baresi is Luthie M West’s first fantasy novel. This adult fantasy book was released last year, and fans of Luthi M West are in for a great adventure.

You can purchase these books by Luthie M West via Amazon, Goodreads, and Smashwords. Audiobooks and Kindle versions are also available. To know more about Luthie M West and the latest updates, you can visit her website today.


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