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Judith Martin Alford is a pastor, educator, and author of the inspiring book, The Hands of God.

ReadersMagnet presents Judith Martin Alford, a pastor, teacher, and missionary. She is the amazing woman behind the inspiring masterpiece, The Hands of God: A Collection of Short Stories about God’s Intervention in Human Lives.

Judith Martin Alford’s life changed the day she answered the calling to go into the ministry. Since then, she has devoted her life to serving God and His people.

Judith Martin is a teacher, pastor, and author. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 1969 and, in 1972, her Master of Science degree. Both degrees are from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. 

As a teacher, Judith Martin Alford taught in a public school in Western Pennsylvania from 1985 to 1998. During her time in Western Pennsylvania, Judith served the United Methodist Church on several short-term mission trips. On one occasion, she served as the lay leader. She cared for nineteen youths on their trip to Germany for three weeks.

In 1998-1999, Judith Martin Alford traveled across the United States in an RV with her late husband, Jim. Together, they did mission work with the homeless in Phoenix, Arizona, and at Rust State College in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

The year 1999 was primarily a significant year for Judith. That year, the couple moved to South Carolina. Judy received a call from God for preaching at the age of fifty-two! She decided to go to the seminary and become a preacher. She then worked to earn a Master of Divinity, which she received in 2004 from Erskine Theological Seminary in Due West, SC.

As an ordained elder in the South Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, Judith served six churches throughout South Carolina together with her husband. While fulfilling her Church duties, Judith Martin Alford also found the time and energy to write Bible Studies. This spans all four years of Bishop Richard Wilke’s Disciple Bible texts. For over two decades, Judy’s passion for teaching The Disciple Bible Studies never wavered. Cokesbury, the Methodist publishing house, copyrighted Judith Martin Alford’s lessons.

Judith Martin Alford wrote “The Hands of God: A Collection of Short Stories about God’s Intervention in Human Lives” to encourage to be closer to God and surrender all their troubles to Him.

In 2020, Judith Martin Alford released a very important book, The Hand of God: A Collection of Short Stories about God’s Intervention in Human Lives. It is a collection of inspiring short tales that highlight the love and mercy of God towards His people, even to those who have little faith in Him. The book is designed for those who want to know that God is very much alive in our lives, that He continues to perform miracles every day, and just like the Biblical times, He is with us no matter what.

Judy and her late husband, Jim, have traveled extensively to many places around the world. Judith especially enjoyed their trips to the Holy Land, Egypt, and Paul’s second and third missionary sites in Turkey and Greece.

Judith Martin Alford retired in 2014 to care for her terminally ill husband. Jim died in 2015, and today Judy lives in Greenwood, SC. She spends her time writing, making stained glass windows, and serving the Lord, which she considers the delight of her life.

You can get a copy of Judith Martin Alford’s The Hands of God: A Collection of Short Stories about God’s Intervention in Human Lives via Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and iTunes. You can also visit her website for more updates and information.


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