Book Feature: The Hands of God by Judith Martin Alford

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The Hands of God by Judith Martin Alford is a collection of inspiring stories that will remind us of God’s enduring love for us.

Stories are powerful. They can inspire, motivate, and even convince us to believe even in things we cannot see. All it takes is a little faith. Today, we will feature a recently published book about stories of faith by author Judith Martin Alford. The Hands of God by Alford is a compilation of delightful stories that will warm our hearts and remind us of God and modern miracles.

The Hands of God by Judith Martin Alford

“The greatest joy that I have had in life is watching and seeing what the Hand of God has done and is doing.”

The Hands of God: A Collection of Short Stories about God’s Intervention in Human Lives is the complete title of Judith Martin Alford’s inspiring work. The 126-page book was published in July 2020. The book is available in bookstores and online at Apple iTunes, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

The Hands of God features a collection of inspiring short stories about God’s intervention in human lives. These are non-fiction tales, and the author hopes to remind readers that God is still doing miracles in our everyday lives. Judith Martin Alford, through her book, provides wonderful proof that God exists. Each story in the book reminds us of God’s miraculous ways of loving and caring for us as it was in Biblical times though sometimes they might not present to us in the time and form that we wish or desire.

There are many who doubt God’s existence and are not ready for the Bible or lengthy scriptures. The Hand of God is a perfect reading experience for those who are still waiting for the gift of faith o come into their lives. There is no greater way to preach God’s love and wonder than by telling real stories of real people who have experienced it. Judith Martin Alford’s masterful work presents God through people’s relationship with Him and his son, Jesus Christ, in today’s modern living. As for those who already possess the gift of faith, this book will guide readers on strengthening their relationship with God and Jesus each day.

About the Author

Judith Martin Alford is a writer, teacher, and pastor. She holds a Bachelor of Science (1969) and a Master of Science (1972) degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. She is married to her husband Jim, and together they have two sons. As a teacher, Judith taught in a public school in Western Pennsylvania from 1985 to 1998. As a missionary, she served the United Methodist Church, where she traveled to Germany and Russia on brief mission trips. She and her late husband Jim traveled across the United States in an RV and did mission work with the homeless in Phoenix, Arizona, and Rust State College in Holly Springs, Mississippi. After teaching public school, the couple moved to South Carolina, where Judith answered God’s calling to become a preacher at age fifty-two. She and her husband served sic churches throughout South Carolina. Judith wrote Bible Studies for all four years of Bishop Richard Wilke’s Disciple Bible texts. In 2014, Judith decided to retire and take care of her terminally ill husband, who passed away a year later. Judith Martin Alford currently resides in Greenwood, South Carolina, where she enjoys writing, making stained glass windows, and serving the Lord.

To know more about Judith Martin Alford and her works, you can visit her official author’s website.


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