Author Feature: Jill Flateland’s “Until We Meet Again”

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Every great story has its origins. Jill Flateland explores the inspirations and motivations to craft a remarkable story of love, loss, and second chances. 

Few stories capture the essence of redemption as powerfully as Jill Flateland and her book “Until We Meet Again.” Through this poignant book, Jill weaves the tale of a man’s desperate quest to make amends and find solace in the past.

Until We Meet Again emerged from a moment of reflection, a profound realization that life’s most precious gifts are often taken for granted: time and relationships. Fueled by a desire to see how far a father’s love can go, Jill Flateland sets on to write this book. Moreover, readers will be left with the idea of making things right.

The Mind Behind “Until We Meet Again”

Readers will meet a complex protagonist in Tobias McFitzroy, who was ultimately condemned for several reasons. First, he allowed himself to rot in jail, leaving his daughter in the hands of a murderer. At the time, Tobias had all the chances to save his little girl from such tragedy, but he wouldn’t have known otherwise. However, he was suddenly allowed to turn things around despite being doomed to wither on Earth for the rest of his afterlife.

The question is, will he use that chance to lead himself to redemption? Or will it only lead to eternal damnation?

About Jill Flateland

For someone who spent 40 years working as a nurse executive, Jill was no stranger to living a busy life. However, she took her first bold steps into a completely different writing world. Hence, the book “Until We Meet Again” was conceptualized among the literary masterpieces she made through the years. Jill may have written several novels in her writing career, but her latest work stands on its own as a novel that tackles family, love, and loss.

Jill Flateland may have dabbled into different areas of her writing, but “Until We Meet Again” holds a special place in her heart. Inspired by real stories about family members and historical events, she ensured they were shaped in her works. Moreover, she was also a Colorado Gold Contest 2014 finalist author, which only solidifies her skill as a storyteller. ReadersMagnet is definitely lucky to have her on board.

This author not only has a writing talent, but she also has a heart of gold. Jill and her husband support charitable causes like Seeds of South Sudan and Angel Cover. The former helps rescue refugees from a refugee camp in Kenya, providing education and a new start in life. On the other hand, Angel Cover also supports a medical clinic in the center of a rural farming community in Kenya.

The Creation of Jill’s Book

Crafting a story of such emotional magnitude requires immense dedication and an unwavering commitment to the process. Jill Flateland did it successfully in “Until We Meet Again.” Readers will catch her emphasis on the delicate balance between imagination and authenticity by reading the book. While she may not have directly lived out Tobias McFitzroy’s experiences, she approaches his story empathetically. The author wants to convey her utmost sincerity in delivering the message of redemption through this book. 

What readers may hope to get out of this may depend on each one after reading. But the universal theme of love, loss, and redemption remains the story’s core. Jill Flateland would want every reader to realize that by reading “Until We Meet Again.” It might successfully strike a chord with its plot and characters, especially with the nature of regret and forgiveness. Jill’s book brings the idea of protecting loved ones from imminent dangers.

Getting a copy of this book not only means adding another masterpiece to your shelves. A good portion of Jill Flateland’s books will go to charities she and her husband support. So not only will you receive a masterpiece from the author herself, but you also get to help and support other causes. So grab a copy of “Until We Meet Again” and look forward to what’s in store from Jill Flateland!


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