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A “write” life well lived!

Greg Van Arsdaleis a published author and freelance book author. He attended Samford University on a Physics scholarship and graduated with high honors. He joined the Navy in 1981 and then taught nuclear physics-related courses at the Naval Nuclear Power School in South Carolina for a number of years. He has been a training manager and then senior project manager (specializing in creating computer systems) for Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Greg began his writing career in 1983. His experience as a versatile author has also translated into editing, which has become his full-time job. As a published author and, at the same time, a professional editor, Greg strives to help authors become better writers. He exhorts his clients to understand the changes he makes to their manuscript as this knowledge will save them money in editorial costs and increase their chances at publication. 

Along with his teaching, writing, editing, and professional commitments, Greg has also studied the Bible vigorously and been a minister for thirty years. He only doesn’t preach and teach God’s message but also strives to find common ground between science and Christianity, between reason and faith, and shares his unique perspective of Scripture and Christianity. His ministry has extended into a few books, namely Dark Energy: Answers to Physics and Spiritual Questions (2013), Complex Christianity (2013), and Beyond Mere Belief (2016).

Though science and religion are his forte, Greg has delved into thrillers, having published a number of novels, plus multi-series, over the years, thus establishing himself as a master storyteller. His published works include:

  • Complex Christianity (2013) aims to answer the most difficult questions pertaining to faith and spirituality in an analytical manner in an effort to strengthen one’s faith. 
  • Follow Me (2014) is a collection of short stories that encourage Christian faith and obedience to the will of God.
  • Pact With the Devil (2015) is a religious thriller about the battle between good and evil. 
  • In Hijacked on the Alaskan Seas: A Chuck Taylor and Lisa Fontaine Thriller(2016), North Korean military rogues steal a nuclear warhead and hijacks an Alaskan cruise liner, forcing the captain to head for LA. Two people, Chuck Taylor and Lisa Fontaine join forces to stop the plot against America.
  • The Dual Energy Concept (2016) aims to explain quantum mechanics, relativity, and the universe in a way that is easily understood.
  • Beyond Mere Belief (2016)is designed to help believers step in their understanding of the Bible as they struggle with doctrines that are being promulgated in the Church.
  • The Stranger: The Genesis Project Series Part One(2017), formerly titled Shadows of Creation, is a sci-fi thriller about John Neumann, a man with a memory loss who runs from a squad of an armed militia that wants him dead. He holds a secret that could save countless lives from a doomsday virus and end tyranny. 
  • New Beginnings: The Genesis Project Series Part Two (2017)is high on drama and action, serving as a worthy and equally exciting and explosive sequel to The Stranger
  • Formerly titled The SacrificeEnd Game: The Genesis Project Series Part Three (2017)promises more drama and action. 
  • The Final Day: The Genesis Project Series Part Four (2019) is a thrilling conclusion to The Genesis Project series. John Neumann faces a new enemy. 
  • In American Coup: A Chuck Taylor and Lisa Fontaine Thriller (2017), newly minted CIA rookie Chuck Taylor and Lisa Fontaine come together again to stop a string of assassination plots on the President and other high-ranking government executives. 
  • Formerly titledEnmityThe Priestly Murders (2018) is a suspense thriller about a string of clergy homicides in a city. 
  • Alina’s Revenge (2020). Hell hath no fury as a Bosnian girl raped and her family murdered during the Serbian-Bosnian War in 1993. A decade later, she leaves her adoptive family to embark on a vendetta that takes her from Bosnia through Eastern Europe and into Iraq. 

To but the aforementioned titles or two no more about Greg Van Arsdale’s Editorial Services, visit his website at


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