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Authors’ Lounge features Eleanor Gaccetta, author of the compelling book One Caregiver’s Journey.

Personal stories hold a special place for us, here at ReadersMagnet. Whether it’s about achieving a dream, overcoming life’s obstacles, a memoir, or a celebration of a life well-lived, that narrative deserves our recognition. Today, we are going to future an author whose remarkable journey has led her to write a book that is sure to inspire future readers. Let’s get to know the author behind the book One Caregiver’s Journey.

A Life Dedicated to Service

Eleanor Gaccetta is from a small farming community just outside the City of Denver. After she finished high school, Eleanor, worked for the State of Colorado for more than 31 years, the last seven years she spent serving as a legislative analyst for the Departments of Human Services and Medicaid. Gaccetta then spent seven years working as a policy analyst for the City and County of Broomfield before returning to the State of Colorado, this time as a private contractor.

Eleanor Gaccetta worked to obtain both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Regis University during the early years of her career.

After working for almost 40 years as a professional employee, Gaccetta was forced to retire. Her mother fell and broke her hip. She was 93 at that time and Eleanor decided to drop everything and took on a full-time caregiving journey until her mother’s passing away at the age of 102 years old.

Her book One Caregiver’s Journey is all about the caregiving journey she took. It details all her experiences as a caregiver.

Eleanor Gaccetta currently resides in Arvada, a suburb west of Denver where she enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

Radio Interview with Al Cole featuring Eleanor Gaccetta.

One Caregiver’s Journey by Eleanor Gaccetta

In 2019, Eleanor Gaccetta published her book One Caregiver’s Journey. The book is a personal memoir detailing nearly a decade of Eleanor Gaccetta’s experience in taking care of her mother until her death at age 102. For nine and a half years, Gaccetta took on full caregiving duties after her mother broke her hip at age 93. One Caregiver’s Journey takes readers to the many obstacles and lessons that Eleanor encountered over the duration as her mother aged past the century mark and how she overcome those challenges and transformed her into a stronger person.

“I believe you learn so much about yourself during difficult times and in the end, you can become a stronger, more resilient, and more caring human being. The best part about caregiving is the opportunity it provides for one to grow, to improve and to conquer fear and challenges, so long as it is done with honesty, humor and love.” – Excerpt from One Caregiver’s Journey

Although not a book based on a medical worker’s perspective, it does suggest practical approaches that one can use when caring for their sick loved ones. The book is written as if the author is narrating her straight to the reader in her living room.

More than a journal of her experience as a caregiver, the book captures the heartwarming moments between the author and her mother. It is a wonderful feature that is unique to Gaccetta’s One Caregiver’s Journey. It is also a book that touches on faith, but not so much in the religious sense. It is more about focusing on a more positive outlook and perseverance. Eleanor Gaccetta’s focus and courage is something all professional caregivers can aspire to. One Caregiver’s Journey is a truly wonderful and inspiring read.

Grab a copy of One Caregiver’s Journey today and visit her website for more information.


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