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Authors always have something special going on with them. Though most would say, they’re just ordinary guys who want to write and share stories, being a storyteller is a special thing in and of itself. Anyone can share a tell a story, but not everyone can make them jump off the pages and bring them to life as authors can.

Brian Jay Nelson does a superb job when it comes to bringing life to stories and the characters found in them. He has written multiple book series like Stories from the Hidden World and Branchview. Nelson specializes in urban-fantasy tales, mixing magic and the modern world into a beautiful universe of his own making.

Let’s get to know Brian Jay Nelson a bit better!

Brian Jay Nelson: The Author Behind Many Fantastic Narratives

Brian Jay Nelson was born and raised in the lakeside city of Erie, Pennsylvania. He’s been involved in some form of writing since he was young. When Nelson graduated from Penn State University, he resided in North Carolina until he finally settled in Florida, where he is currently living in.

Nelson has many accomplishments ranging from articles on fitness and health to screenplays and essays on Metaphysics, Psychology Textbooks, and songwriting. Have you heard of The Balanced Journey (a typical sense guidebook on living life from a Metaphysical and Spiritual viewpoint)? He’s the author of that helpful book.

Before committing to becoming a writer, he worked at FedEx for 21 years. In 2017, he retired from his previous work and started a new career as a script doctor for the film industry. When he’s not working on scripts or writing his books, he is involved in Historic Preservation, in causes that support Military Veterans, a huge fan of Classic Rock Music, and is a vibrant fitness aficionado.

Now that we know more about Nelson, it’s time to briefly examine the books he has written, notably the Branchview Series and Stories from the Hidden World.

The Branchview Series

When Steven Spencer, a paranormal writer, was supernaturally enticed to visit a recumbent estate in Connecticut via email, an investigative assignment became a life-changing ordeal. During the query, mysterious spirits found in the underworld are then discovered. However, before Steven can inform Loraine, his wife, what happened, it turns out that she’s also been beckoned to the Branchview Estate.

Readers can expect exciting subplots, which include the adventure of many characters throughout the entire series. There’s also a wild time-traveling, and dimension-hopping aspect sprinkled into the story; imagine the Avengers: Endgame getting the Infinity stones throughout the different timelines. You even have Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, battling evil forces to help defend the forces of good.

Anyone who picks up this book series will undoubtedly have a fun time.

Stories from the Hidden World

Love remains strong between the human race and the spirits lingering within Nelson’s collection of his triple paranormal stories. In Stories from the Hidden World, his compelling and romantic tales give a spin throughout the numerous sad and upbeat moments. The straightforward prose the author smoothly shifts into between the varying periods, especially between the dead and living characters, is masterfully done.

However, details still need to be included, particularly regarding the setting or environment. But this minute criticism (“nitpick”) doesn’t take away from the overall greatness of the story. This romantic book series is poignant, simple, humorous, and a great read that any reader can pick up.

And there you have it, folks: Brian Jay Nelson, a brilliant author who puts his heart into his work. We encourage everyone to read and purchase his Branchview Series and enjoy the rich and fun story within the pages!


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