Author Feature: Alana Konieckza

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Alana Konieckza is among the promising children’s book authors of today. Her different take on bullying definitely creates a big impact on the lives of her readers.

Alana Konieckza: Life and Literature

There are several roles that describe Alana Konieckza apart from a prolific author. She is also known to be an insatiable reader, a passionate animal lover, an effective dog rescuer, and a remarkable The Friends of the Library president.

As a bookworm, Alana confessed that downloading novels is a piece of cake and occasionally makes it more convenient to immediately acquire her favorite works. But physical books, like hard covers, also hit her soft spot for book. Her published work titled A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing is, in fact, available in both paperback and kindle editions. It is an anthology of tales that are written for children. Each story is kept short enough to make its intended readers delighted, entertained, and captivated.

Having published a heartwarming book for kids is truly a fulfilling milestone to her. According to Alana, the thing that she fancies of having a children’s book is getting feedback on how the public are putting her work to good use, such as engaging the target readers. One of the reviews that A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing has gotten tells how the book is being told the reviewer reading to her grandkids and an educator friend utilizes the book in teaching her special needs class. Konieckza had a talk to a group of young writers where she shared some wisdom on how to write a novel and get it published. In fact, there were several events for young writers that were plotted to her schedule; but, the activities were left incomplete due to the spread of the 2019 coronavirus.

Her love for literature didn’t end there, because she is known to be the president of the Friends of the Library in their place. Alana takes joy in working and collaborating with the members of their organization, among the things that their group conducts are raising money, lending a hand with programming, and helping the staff. For Alana, becoming a book lover and being surrounded by people that are librarians, offer a massive chance for her to reciprocate the wonders and happiness that library has bestowed to others — including her. She also takes interest in witnessing how public libraries adjust and fit in to a world that is already advance, fast paced, and electronic.

Faith, family, (two- and four-legged) Friends, Freedom —these words combined is Alana’s motto in life.

A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing

In 2019, the book A Kid’s Life: Loving, Learning, Growing was published by Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.that has been touching lives for more than a year now. It is a children’s book that is also considered as a children’s Christian learning concepts fiction and children’s values books.

“A Kids Life-Loving,Learning,Growing is not Shakespeare. It’s not meant to be. I hope this book will engage the youngest readers, and the almost ready to read, but still loving book snuggle time at night. I can remember how much I enjoyed reading books like Dr. Suess and Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew. That was the starting point of my lifelong love of reading, and I hope this book will do the same for other young kids.  Some of the stories are meant to teach a subtle lesson, like bullying is not okay, which is so relevant today. Or how to be a good sport when you’re playing games, a lesson we all should learn at some point. Some of the stories are just meant to stir up the imagination, like Grandmas Magic Pants. Or Outside, which encourages kids to get off the couch, turn off the electronics and go outside and play. I included a story about how hard it is to be handicapped, because I think that’s an important lesson to be taught.” – Alana Konieckza.

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