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Abraham Ajenifuja is the author of the religious book The VIP Christian.

Recently, news of racism, riot, injustice, and poverty are making headlines. As if the great pandemic has not caused enough anxiety and depression, the death of a helpless man in the custody of law enforcers has sparked chaos and rage anew. These are troubled times and we need to reflect and ponder on things- social injustices, our faith, our relationship with other people, and with God. In 2016, Abraham Ajenifuja published The VIP Christian. His book examines the gap in the gospel that is somehow creating am environment that divides people. Ajenifuja hopes to enlighten readers through his book, The VIP Christian. Let us get to know more about Abraham Ajenifuja and his works.

Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja was born in Jos, Nigeria. He immigrated to the United States in 1984. Abraham graduated from the University of the District of Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. He became a Certified Public Accountant in 1990. Abraham Ajenifuja is currently a graduate student in counseling at Liberty University. He is married and has six beautiful children. Abraham enjoys reading, music, sports, and travel.

Abraham Ajenifuja is a Christian who found his passion for wellness, pursuing the well-being of people’s physical body, soul, and spirit, regardless of the ethnic background, culture, color, language, gender, religion, age, or socioeconomic status. Through his book The VIP Christian and other books, Abraham hopes to share his knowledge and wisdom so others may improve the various aspects of their lives.

Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja is also the founder of Peace Profit LLC. It is a leadership success company focused on “Making The World Better For The Coming Generations” by coaching, speaking, and teaching the VIP Peace Profit System.

The VIP Christian

Published in 2016, Ajenifuja’s The VIP Christian is a non-fiction spiritual book written from the Christian perspective. The book describes God as the Original VIP (Vision, Intent, Purpose) because everything He created in heaven and earth was first envisioned, intended to accomplish His particular purpose. According to the book, the way that the Gospel is preached today somehow creates a gap and division that’s devaluing the “Human Capital” within and outside the church. For Ajenifuja, the Gospel of Christ must be taught in the way God envisioned, intended, and purposed to eradicate the division, while presenting a “New Wealth Gospel” for everyone. New Wealth does not refer to money or possession alone. It puts emphasis first on peace, second, profit, then prosperity, and lastly, a legacy for the future generation. This VIP light will be able to shed light on all social structures (family, education, business, media/politics, arts/entertainment, government/military, and religion), gender, language, culture, and color.

 Other Works

The VIP Christian is the first book from Abaraha Ajenifuja’s VIP series. Other books include:

  • The VIP Prayer
  • The VIP Family
  • The VIP Education
  • The VIP Church
  • VIP Business

Aside from writing books, Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja is busy running his own company, the Peace Profit LLC. Peace Profit is a leadership success company focused on “Making The World Better For The Coming Generations” through coaching, speaking, and teaching the VIP Peace Profit System. Ajenifuja and his company engages small business leaders, and executives and provides them with knowledge on how to “make peace and unlock more value out of their life, relationships and business organizations” and help them achieve the impact they desire. Peace Profit has over 30 years of experience in the Faith and Business Communities. They provide a classic peace profit coaching system that addresses critical life, relationship, entrepreneurial and organizational challenges.

To know more about Abraham Ajenifuja and his works, visit his website today or grab a copy of his book The VIP Christian.


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