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I have Asperger’s syndrome.  I didn’t know it until late in life.  I was always just the weird kid.  The one everyone loved to pick on.  However, I learned a lot about people, how to make them like me by liking them.  I loved to tell stories and I always had an audience.  I believe that love is magic and everyone can have it, if they love themselves first.  I grew up near to an old growth forest and in those old trees I met my first and best friend, Ned.  He looked like Rumpelstiltskin, and my Daddy said he was imaginary, but to this day I remember him as real. 

I live now on the coast of Oregon a few miles from the beach, with my dog, Charlie and my two cats, Sampson and Circe.  I have a mobile home on a little quarter acre.  I tell people that as long as I don’t look in a mirror, I am only eighteen.  I intend to live forever or die trying.  I did my best as wife and mother, but now, it is my time.  I hope you enjoy my books dear reader. 

Mountain of Shadow

Mountain of shadow by Earlie MTia was an Orphan.  She lived with her Uncle and Aunt who raised her to adulthood.  The world she lives in is set a thousand years from now after an asteroid has destroyed our civilization.  The world is beginning to climb out of their darkness and beginning to rise again, but most of the world is still primitive and wild.  Tia wants to learn magic.  She has heard stories.  But no one will tell her how to achieve her dream.  Finally, her Aunt, who had always resented having to raise her, tells her she can learn magic at the college that has started in the north.  It is free, but your tuition is paid by people who need your service.  The closest to magic she can find is learning to be a Healer.  She is unhappy, but she enjoys the arts of healing and she wonders where she will be sent and who will need her.

Then a stranger comes in.  He has traveled a long way seeking someone who can find a cure for the horrific disease killing the children of his land.  He will pay the school any price for the one of his choice.

And he likes Tia.  He offers to teach her magic if she will come with him.


  1. Sheska

    Tia is such a brave soul for wanting to be a healer in her chaotic world.

    • Christian

      I agree. But her life story is impressive, nonetheless.


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